When Death Comes Knocking

Cate Morden is stuck. She is stuck in a place no living person has ever seen.

She is stuck in the afterlife.

"There's got to be some mistake! I'm not dead!"
"That's what they all say... No mistake. If you're here, you're dead."

Cate knows she's still alive somewhere, she just needs to prove it to the cocky guy in charge, but time is running out, and as her quest goes on, she finds herself wanting to stay dead.


1. Preface


Soaring through the air
like a bird.
Like a bird with a broken wing
falling into the mouth of the
waiting cat.
Waiting to pounce,
close its jaws around
the limp bird.
Arms spread-eagled, head
down, waiting for impact.
The ground rushes up a
faster pace, though the falling
wasn’t any faster.
Here I come.

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