When your popular you life could be so different, What happens when you fall in love with your best friends boyfriend

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1. Gold

My day starts off like any other, my alarm goes off at 7 by then I'm up out of bed and in the shower, I get dressed into my denim floral dress with black velvet heals, a navy blue jack wills jacket and my hair tied up in a high pony tail with a black velvet headband to finish off the outfit. I'm out of the door by 8:25, I get in my yellow Volkswagen Beatle and I stop by Starbucks to get some breakfast.  


I eat in the car on the way to school, picking up my best friend Shaugn on the way.

"You really gotta get yourself a new car" bragged Shaugn 

"You really gotta get yourself a car" I laughed "or better yet get your boyfriend to drive you"

"Are you kidding me Ash, he rides a motor bike I'm not gonna risk getting killed" "

He's been driving for years, I'm sure his capable of driving you on the back of his bike" "

I still wouldn't risk it" she whined.

"Any plans for the weekend?" I asked interested 

"Yeah actually Zayn's taking me to one of his friends parties. You wanna come?"

"Unfortunately I'm going to have to pass I promised Liam that I would hang out at his place." I smiled 

"Sounds like fun!" She spoke sarcastically

"Well Liam is actually fun you know, maybe you should think about hang out with your friends more often" I snapped  


Shaugn and I always had a bitchy relationship, we would always snap at each other even if we were being nice. I never really understood how me and Shaugn became friends, and yet I still don't understand how we still are. We continued chatting about boys and how I should get myself a boyfriend until we finally arrived at school. Walking through the corridor all eyes were on us, Shaugn and I were the most popular girls at school. I was on the cheer leading squad and Shaugn was the school captain of the girls team.   We always kept to ourselves because we didn't really want to interact with people because school was school, Shaugn and I usually hung out at parties with the cool kids, because personally our school was a jail everyone was fighting to be the most popular.


People who were on the cheer leading squad or where on the school captain board were the most popular as well as the jocks. Lucky for us we were friends with most of them, Shaugn and I were best friends with 3 of the teams best football players Louis, Niall and Harry.  Zayn and Liam some how found there way into the friendship group. At first everyone disliked Liam because he was known as the 'Nerd' but thanks to me I made him a great reputation and not only got him on the the school captain team for the boys.    


Zayn on the other was more of a bad boy he was the type of guy who would ditch school just to go to a party, he wasn't on the football team nor was he on the school captain board. I guess he was just Zayn and some how we all became to love him, well especially Shaugn. Zayn and Shaugn have been dating for at least 5 months now and it's kind of sickening how lovey dovey the two are, they always seem to have there mouths attached at anytime of the day. Niall,  his not a straight A student but his not a horrible one, I guess his just in the middle. Niall is obsessed with football and pretty much talks about all the time unless his bragging about how how he managed to sleep with the whole cheer leading squad, which is a complete lie because he is yet to sleep with me.   


Louis is an outgoing guy who has a great personality and is probably one of my best guy friend as well as Liam, Louis and I pretty much do anything together, I take him shopping and he plays Xbox with me. No matter what we do we can't get enough of each other and last but not least there's Harry, his had a crush on me ever since primary school I've known all about it but I see him more as a brother than a boyfriend. Harry loves to play soccer but he always complains that he wishes he was as good as playing when his on the Xbox.    

"Hey babe" waved Liam 

"Liam!" I smiled while pulling him into a big hug

"We still on for the weekend?" 

"Yep, I can't wait! Todays Friday and after today I'm going to thrash you on the Xbox" I laughed 

"I don't think so, I bet you last time so I don't think your going to be able to stand a chance this time" he winked 

"I don't think so, what's your first class" I spoke quickly changing the subject 

"I got biology, you?"

"Maths,  I was hoping I had classes with you but all well" I pouted 

"Don't worry your not going to be alone I think you got maths with Louis and them English with me after first break"

"That's a relief" I smiled

"well I'm gonna head off to my locker to get my books. Bye" 



I continued walking to my locker when I heard another familiar voice, oh great please don't sing that Louis.

"Oh Ash, pash, bum rash" he yelled 

"Shut it you twat" I laughed 

"Hey that's no way to speak to your best friend"

"Sorry, but not sorry! We have maths together, wanna share a seat?" 

"Sorry but I'm already taken" winked Louis "by a really fit girl named Ash"

"Well well well I guess you should be lucky" I giggled 

"Oh I am. Hurry up and get your books so we can leave to get a seat at the back" 


I quickly unlocked my locker, grabbing all the things I needed for my first class. Louis an I walked down the corridor holding hands, I guess we just held them cause it was more of a security thing. We arrived to class 15 minutes early a few people were already there mainly the nerds who liked to get the front seats, we took two back seats making them our own by leaving our books on the. I walked over to Louis desk sitting on it with my legs crossed.  

"What you doing tomorrow?" asked Louis, while placing his hand on my knee

"I'm hanging out with Liam. Why?"

"I wanted to ask if you wanted to come play Xbox with me" 

"I've already got stuff planned with Liam" Louis began to pout, his big blue eyes staring into my green ones.


Sometimes I wanted to kiss him, he was just so caring and loving and over time when your around someone like that, I guess you start to grow feelings.  I wish I could say something but I guess he likes me only as a friend. Unfortunately my big mouth decides to say something.

"Louis, you single?" Oh crap why did I even move my big stupid mouth, I know that me a Louis were close friends but it was just weird  it had nothing to do with the previous conversation we were having.

"Yeah, why do you wanna know?" he asked astonished

"Argh... Um" I frozen mid speech not knowing what to say

"I'm not anyway, I guess I'm just waiting until the girl realises that I like her"  

"Oh yeah who is she?" I asked 

"I can't say the name but I guess she's" and with those 8 words I could feel Louis' warm plump lips on my, we were perfect for each other our lips moved in sync leaving me biting at his bottom lip, I could feel Louis slowly move his hands to my cheek, as we began to kiss more passionately. I then moved my hands to the back of Louis neck allowing me to hold on with out falling off the desk. Louis' kisses were passionate and soft, allowing me to feel more calm and happy.


Once we had finished our kiss, Louis stopped an looked me in the eyes again.

"Has she realised yet?" He smiled

"I think she realised a while ago"

"What so your telling me you liked me before?"

"Yeah, I guess I thought you didn't like me"

"Well.I.Do" he replied while kissing in between each word, I couldn't wait to class had finished I wanted to feel Louis touch again and to go tell Shaugn that Louis and I were now dating, I guess once you learn not to be afraid to ask, your bound to get an answer.                                  



Maths had finally finished, there was really no point for me to go because all I could really think about was Louis' kiss it was so special and it made me lose so much focus in class. I had been told of by Mrs Hogan my maths teacher multiple times for not paying attention of course who would be able to pay attention after being kissed by your best friend/crush but now boyfriend! "Wait so you kissed Louis?!" Squealed Shaugn 

"Yes, keep it down I don't want the whole world to hear it!" I hissed, maths had finished and we were sitting in the cafeteria waiting for the boys to get back for there lockers, I guess Louis was telling the boys all about maths.

"Oh my gosh Ash so that means..."

"Yes Shaugn that means that me an Louis, I guess are a" 

"Couple" butted in Shaugn

"what was it like?"  

"It was perfect, soft, passionate, meaningful and the way he said he liked me was just beautiful" I whined 

"I'm so jealous! I wish Zayn asked me out like that!" 

"Shh you should be happy to have a boyfriend, and now where the same cause we both got one" I grinned

"I just, I just can't believe it! What about Liam?"

"What about Liam?"

"You can't go to his place that would be weird"

"It's fine I'm only staying the night and plus his only my best friend"

"Fair enough" smiled Shaugn "Ash oh gosh here they come"

"His my boyfriend not a celebrity" I laughed 


Louis and the boys all walked over to our table with big grins on there faces, they had clearly had heard about the news  

"Bout time the sexual tension between you two was almost unbearable" sniggered Zayn 

"I'm going to have to agree" smiled Liam 

"Leave us alone" laughed Louis Louis went round the table to take a seat next me

"Hey beautiful" he whispered while his teeth grazed my sweet spot behind my ear

"Hey" I smiled 

"Have you eaten yet?" he asked politely

"Nope, we were just waiting for you guys to get here. So I'm guessing you told them what happened" 

"Yeah, they were all shocked. What do you want for lunch I'll go get it?" laughed Louis 

"Um, can you get me an apple, an orange juice and a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich please babe?" 

"Sure, you coming guys" asked Louis  


Everyone left except for Liam, who was sitting there with a big smile on his face.

"Not getting lunch?" I asked 

"Nope, not hungry"

  "Stop it!" I laughed 

"Stop what?! I just can't believe that you and Louis are dating! Like actually dating I expected you and Harry but Louis?"

"It's not that bad? Your just scared that his gonna steal your best friend?"

"Oh shit I better watch out! Your still coming over? Please say your coming over he begged"

"No sorry, I can't" I replied and Liam's face dropped "Just kidding" I laughed 

"Haha very funny" he replied sarcastically "we've got English next.... Wanna ditch?"

"Are you kidding Liam?"  

"Nope, I thought maybe we could ditch go past your place get some change of clothes and then you could stay over tonight instead of Saturday till Sunday. Then you can hang about with Louis after" 

"Let's do it, but we can't tell the others or they will wanna come" I smiled



We finished talking and Louis and the others came back with lunch, we all sat there eating our lunch and laughing our heads off, some of us were laughing so hard that our eyes watered or our stomachs hurt. We were all a good group of friends who would laugh at the most stupidest things. When lunch was over Louis and I walked to our lockers hand in hand, laughing and mucking around.  

"I still can't believe that you used to like me, why did you never say anything? He laughed 

"Why didn't you?"  "I guess I was scared, you know your a popular and beautiful person and I guess I didn't think we went well together"

"And now?"

"And now I think we're perfect, now your turn!" He smiled

"I didn't think you liked me, I would of said something but I thought that you might of wanted to just be friends, but in maths today I actually thought I was dreaming" we both laughed in unison as we stopped at my locker.

"Well babe have fun in English I got biology, meet you after school?" Asked Louis 

"I can't, I've got a surprise and you can't see it until Saturday night" I replied nervously 

"Saturday? I thought you were hanging with Liam?" 

"I guess we had a change of plans" Louis lent down and grabbed me by the waist pulling me closer do his body, he lifted by chin and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I wish we could stay like this for ever.  

"Well then see you Saturday sometime" smiled Louis "bye" he kissed me one last time and then walked off.

"Bye" I yelled I opened my locker and packed my bag before I headed to Liam's locker, he was packing his bag as well he looked up and motioned for me to walk over to him.

"You ready?" He asked

"All packed, you nearly done?" 

"Yep, there's a problem we both got our cars do you wanna drive your place drop off your bags and pack and I will go home get changed and then pick you up?" 

"That's a good idea sounds like a plan" I smiled  We linked hands and slipped out through the football oval doors and went around the front to our cars, we said good bye and headed our ways. I was driving the car when my phone buzz, I pulled over so that I could go to Starbucks, I picked up my phone and wallet heading into the shop. I ordered my hot chocolate and took a seat in a corner, and began looking at my phone.   


1 NEW TEXT MESSAGE: FROM LOUIS :)   Hey Babe wondering where you are? Went to save you from English but you weren't in the classroom?? Everything alright? xoxox :))  

Crap Louis had tried to get me, I was so unsure what to say back I decided that I would tell a white lie.  


TO: LOUIS :)   Hey Babe, I had to go home cause I wasn't feeling well. All is well see you Saturday afternoon :) xox   


I locked my phone and decided to read a magazine. Soon after my hot chocolate arrived. I was drinking my hot chocolate alone when I was interrupted by an unknown voice, looking up was a boy about my age 17 was standing there smiling at me with a big grin.

"Hi... Do I know you?" I asked politely 

"Um, no but you looked all alone so I thought I would sit with you" he smiled while looking over at his laughing friends

"There's no point I'm leaving"  I got up and walked away leaving the boy standing there amused.  


Soon after I arrived home got I changed and packed my bag and texted Liam to let him know that I was ready to get picked up. After 15 minutes Liam arrived at my door step and we got in the car and began to head to his house.   The car ride was silent until Liam, turned the radio on  and began to sing along to Olly Murs.

"Today is going well I think well everything except I'm laughing like a lunatic at everything she says, got ketchup up my trousers and my cheeks are going red tonight I went out with the girl I just met"

"I didn't know you could sing?" I laughed 

"Anyway" he said changing the subject "what do you want to do when we get home?"

"Eat, movies, Xbox then sleep?" 

"Let's do it" Liam smiled and we continued to drive and listened to the music, after a while we arrived at the same double story home that I used to come to everyday after school when my parents had to go on a business trip. Liam's house was like my second home. 

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