Blood of Birds

Note: Hi! The following is a 2nd generation Harry Potter fanfiction, with main characters being Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, and Albus Potter. It will be comprised of four parts, the first of which will follow Rose. There will also be seven one-shots (or side-alongs) following other characters at points throughout the series, each uploaded separately. I've also taken the liberty to include a few re-quotes, courtesy of JK Rowling and Steve Kloves of course, to pay homage to the original books and films. So without further ado, here is Chapter 1. Happy reading!

~ Lauren



18. Talons and Tortures

Note: Once again, I am so sorry about the delay in uploading this chapter. I have been incredibly busy with schoolwork this year. Also, this chapter was particularly difficult for me to write, for reasons that will become clear as you read. Anyway, hopefully you're all still reading, and hopefully this chapter will be worth the wait.


"I can't sleep anymore," he whispered to her. Rose was here somewhere, and she'd find him. He needed her, and so she'd find him. "Only an hour or two. I hear your voice in my head, or at least I try to.

"But I can no longer hear. My ears are too weak. Say something! Wake me up! Help me to fall asleep.

"I can't breathe anymore; the pain is strangling me. I feel you here; you're holding me.

"But I can no longer feel. My body is too weak. Shake me! Wake me up! Help me to fall asleep.

"I can't find you anymore; the fog is too thick. I see your face, and missing it makes me sick.

"But I can no longer see. My eyes are too weak. Wave your arms! Wake me up! Help me to fall asleep!

"I can't remember it anymore, but I remember you. I smell your hair, and it smells like morning dew.

"But I can no longer smell. My nose is too weak. Come closer! Wake me up! Help me to fall asleep.

"I can't eat anymore; my health is not in check. I taste your lips, as they move onto my neck.

"But I can no longer taste. My tongue is too weak. Kiss me! Wake-"

And then Scorpius's words were interrupted, and he was slowly pulled back into consciousness. A pair of hands was shaking him, one hand pushing on his shoulder and the other combing his hair back from in front of his face. The hands were sticky, but Scorpius knew that was just because of his own sweat. He was feverish, panting, and could feel every drop of liquid in his body being drained out through his skin.

"Scorpius?" a high-pitched, female voice said, though Scorpius couldn't tell whose it was. "SCORPIUS!" It was louder that time, and sounded anxious, nervous, and worried.

Scorpius tried to open his eyes, but everything was blurry; nothing was clear. Still, he caught sight of the person who was sitting beside him, and noticed a few strands of fiery, red hair falling toward the floor.

"R – Ro?" Scorpius tried to ask, but he couldn't quite get her name out. Whatever pain he had had in his stomach before was still there, stronger than ever, and his body kept trying to get him to go to sleep. For the first time in many nights, Scorpius was fighting against that sleep, rather than praying for it.

"Scorpius?" the voice said again. "Scorpius, it's me."

This time, Scorpius opened his eyes wider, for he could tell upon hearing her voice that something was wrong. That voice was huskier and less melodic than Rose's usual tone. Curious, Scorpius waited for his eyes to focus as he stared up at the face looking down at him.

As the fog from his own vision began to clear, Scorpius could finally make out the face. It wasn't Rose's, but it was still one that he did in fact recognize. Long, pointed, and obviously beautiful, with clear, slightly tanned skin and dark brown eyes, this face was recognizable to just about every Hogwarts student.

"Lily," Scorpius stated. He could see her nod slightly, though she still looked petrified, and then his vision began to fade again. Sleep was consuming him, and he couldn't stop it. Still, at least this time he knew that someone would be there when he woke up.

Not realizing that he was saying the words aloud, Scorpius mumbled as he drifted off, "Wake me up. Without you, I cannot sleep."

Note: Thank you for reading! You can probably understand now why I had difficulties with this one, considering how much pain Scorpius was in. Anyway, this was rock bottom for him, but things will get better soon! I should also be uploading more often now that I'm getting used to my workload, and now that the chapters will start to involve more characters again (yay!). As always, please review (I'd love to know what you think about Scorpius's transformation, as well as the surprise ending)! Thank you!

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