Blood of Birds

Note: Hi! The following is a 2nd generation Harry Potter fanfiction, with main characters being Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, and Albus Potter. It will be comprised of four parts, the first of which will follow Rose. There will also be seven one-shots (or side-alongs) following other characters at points throughout the series, each uploaded separately. I've also taken the liberty to include a few re-quotes, courtesy of JK Rowling and Steve Kloves of course, to pay homage to the original books and films. So without further ado, here is Chapter 1. Happy reading!

~ Lauren



4. Shunpike and Filch (2/2)

Albus nodded, and after a few more minutes up in the air, they flew down together, got off their brooms, and began the walk back to the castle. They could have flown there, but walking was a slower, more relaxing way of transportation. It didn't require any magic, but that was exactly what made it so easy.

Rose and Al had just gotten off the field when there was a loud rustling in the bushes behind them. Each quickly turned around, wands lit, but Rose couldn't see anybody. "Did you see something?" she asked Albus.

"I think so," he answered hesitantly. "But I'm not sure what."

Albus suggested that they go after the person, but Rose convinced him not to. They were already past curfew, and getting back into the castle would provide enough adventure for one night.

Curiously, this didn't end up being the case. When the two approached the front doors that were normally so infallibly locked, one was already open, with plenty of space for them to fit through.

"Do you think it was the person you saw earlier?" Rose asked Al, referring to whomever had left the castle with the door open. They contemplated this for a while, but again decided it wasn't worth getting caught out of bed to discover. After all, it could very easily have just been Filch heading out for a walk. So the friends called it a night, Albus headed for the dungeons in the depths of the castle, and Rose off to the top floor for the Gryffindor tower.

The next day was a big one for Rose, though for different reasons than she had expected. She woke up bright and early for a date with Lysander; they were meeting on the Quidditch pitch for some extra practice, though they hardly ever actually played. Normally, they would race each other on their brooms to see who was fastest, would eventually give up, and proceed to lay on the grass for a while and talk. Lysander still hadn't tried anything on Rose, which she was thankful for, and most of the time she even enjoyed their conversations.

He was sarcastic and funny, which always reminded Rose of Scorpius, and even of herself. The one trait that Lysander greatly lacked though, was compassion. He wasn't aware that others might feel differently about things than he did, and this sometimes made his joking more harmful than he ever intended it to be.

As Rose approached the field, Lysander ran up from behind her. "Not a great day for Quidditch, is it?" he asked. It was drizzling rain and there was a small layer of mist above the grass. Lysander was wearing his full-on blue and silver Quidditch gear, more than enough protection against the foggy morning.

"I don't mind it. I kind of like the rain actually. It's such a peaceful noise… like birds singing," Rose said. "In fact, I was enjoying listening to it until you interrupted."

Lysander chuckled at Rose, too tired to retaliate verbally. Instead, he held up his broom and bobbed her on the head lightly. As he did so, Rose stopped walking and looked straight ahead with a curious expression.

"What?" Lysander asked. "Come on, there's no way that actually hurt," he exclaimed, referring to the hit of his broom.

"No, it's not that," Rose said, still staring ahead as if in a trance. She then pointed a finger to where her eyes were focused and ordered, "Look".

Lysander followed her direction, and both were now gazing intently on a pair of bright red dots shining through the mist near the ground. "What is that?" Lysander asked, dumbfounded.

"I have no idea, but it looks like we might find out soon." Sure enough, the red was growing brighter, and there was a soft rustling noise gaining volume. Rose and Lysander both stood still, waiting for the thing to show itself.

As it came closer, a fluffy tail could be seen, followed by the furry face of a very familiar cat. "Mrs. Norris?" Rose asked, receiving only a meow in response.

Instinctively, both Rose and Lysander looked around for Filch. The cat's caretaker never left her side, ever since Mrs. Norris had been petrified while roaming the castle alone. Filch had told the story many times, all in an attempt to scare off any students from trying to harm his cat. Naturally, being a close friend to the Potters, all of whom Filch despised, Rose had been threatened with severe punishment countless times.

Once it was determined that Filch was nowhere in the general vicinity, Rose and Lysander looked to each other in question. Mrs. Norris was still meowing, and was now beginning to circle around Rose's heels. After another minute, she started walking in the opposite direction, peering behind her to see if Rose and Lysander were following.

The two did just that, as it seemed to be the only logical thing to do. The cat led them directly to the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. Though Rose did consider that this could be a trap, she had her wand ready, and they didn't have to go very far into the woods before Mrs. Norris stopped.

"Huh!" Rose exclaimed in shock, as she saw that the cat was sitting right next to Filch's head, dead on the ground. Lysander moved closer to her and stared down as well, before looking back up and noticing that they weren't alone.

"Who are you?" Lysander asked, and Rose looked up to see Colin Creevey, staring down at his boss with the same expression as Rose.

Before Rose or Colin had the chance to explain, Lysander said, "Wait, don't answer that. It's obvious you had something to do with this. I'm going to send word to McGonagall."

Colin looked back with a still stunned expression, but didn't say anything.

"No, Lysander, he was just on the night shift. I'm sure he didn't do it," Rose blurted in an attempt to defend the boy, but Lysander wasn't listening. He had already performed a spell that bounded Colin with handcuffs, and was now giving his full-body, pure-colored leopard Patronus a message to send to the headmistress.

As the silvery animal ran off toward the castle, Colin tried to speak, "I-it wasn't…"

"Shut up!" Lysander yelled. "Look, I personally don't care if you did it or not, but I know how these things work, and trust me, you don't want to say anything right now. Wait until you can talk to someone with authority."

Rose looked to Lysander in confusion. This was a side of him she hadn't seen before. She knew that he had gotten into plenty of trouble in his life, but the responsibility he had learned from it was something he rarely showed.The three stood there silently, Colin still bounded and staying quiet, Lysander with his wand pointed toward the potential culprit, and Rose standing behind Lysander, who wasn't letting her get any closer to the dead body below them. Of course, Rose had no intention of getting any closer to it. Lysander may have been handling the situation quite responsibly, but Rose was slightly less accepting. She had, after all, seen Filch roaming the halls that same week, very much alive. Now here he was, unmoving and literally lifeless. Though Rose had always been able to hide her feelings, and it was true that she wasn't particularly fond of Filch, this was the first human death that Rose had ever experienced. Naturally, she was in quite the state of shock.It didn't take long for McGonagall to arrive however, Professor Flitwick right behind her. McGonagall approached slowly and steadily, but Flitwick lost his calm demeanor when he saw his favorite student standing by the murdered Squib. "Rose, what happened here?" he asked.Lysander was about to speak for her, but Rose didn't need him to. "We don't know. Filch was already dead when we got here, and Colin…" she said, trailing off when she looked to Colin and realized she didn't know what to say.McGonagall seemed to understand, and said, "I see". She then addressed the three of them and instructed, "Professor Shunpike is on his way to investigate the body. Once he gets here, the three of you will come to my office to answer some questions." She was even more serious-looking than normal, making it clear that whether or not they had wanted to, Rose and Lysander had involved themselves in a very messy situation. Right on queue, Shunpike approached only moments later. He was rubbing his eyes as he came, and yawned when he saw what had happened to Filch. "So another murder? Well, looks like we've taken a step back to the good ol' days, eh?"McGonagall turned to Shunpike and gave him a stern look before she left him with the body and led Rose, Lysander, and Colin up to the castle, Flitwick close behind. For the rest of the day, Rose and Lysander spent many long hours in the headmistress's office, sitting and staring at the frames of the old Hogwarts leaders. None of them were awake, though Rose could have sworn she saw Dumbledore peeking through his closed eyelids at times.After explaining all that they knew, Rose and Lysander had little left to say, but still had to remain in the office for the rest of the day, waiting for the Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, to come confirm their answers in person. Being a very busy man, he didn't arrive until after supper, and so Rose was cooped up in the room for quite some time.Once Shacklebolt was there, Rose and Lysander repeated what they knew, and were let out. They didn't get the chance to hear Colin's plead to Shacklebolt, though he had told McGonagall earlier that though he had been at the pitch all night, he had discovered the body only a few minutes before Rose and Lysander showed. Rose had initially believed him, though she wasn't completely convinced. After all, there was apparently nobody else to suspect.The day had been slow and sluggish, and Rose was looking forward to going to sleep and forgetting about all that had happened, until the morning when she could talk to Albus about it."Rose!" Lysander called, as Rose started up another staircase on the way to her dormitory. Lysander had stopped following her, as the Ravenclaw tower was somewhere off the fifth floor, where he was already standing."Yes?" Rose asked as she hesitantly turned around. She was grateful that Lysander had been there with her all day, but now she just wanted to be alone. Also, she was afraid that the staircase would start to move and lead to a different location if she stood there for too long."I know it's been rough, but he's bound to notice now, right?" Lysander asked. Yet again, Lysander was referring to Scorpius, something that always made Rose uncomfortable. On top of that, he had just joked about a murder.Rose didn't even ask for an explanation. Instead, she turned back around and headed up the staircase once more. She was already crying when she reached the top, something she had promised herself she wouldn't do, today of all days.She tried her best to ignore the tears as she came closer to the portrait of the Fat Lady. This became impossible when she heard her name called yet again. Rose didn't want to give him another chance, so she yelled behind her, "Lysander, please just leave me alone"."Uh, it's me," she heard him again, but much closer this time. Rose closed her eyes at the familiar voice that somehow sounded just like rain. Another tear fell down her cheek, but she didn't bother to wipe it away.Turning to Scorpius, Rose couldn't help but wonder how she could have mistaken him for Lysander, even for a second. She knew his face so well: the family necklace he wore around his neck, the only reminder that he had a family of his own after all; the tiny, snowflake birthmark right beside his left ear that she liked to believe only she could see; the icy eyes that pierced straight through her with one look. He was the only thing she had wanted today.Realizing that she should say something, Rose swallowed and whispered, "I'm sorry. I've been having a bad day.""I heard," Scorpius said. He didn't elaborate, or even ask if she was okay. Just as Rose didn't need to be told how Albus was feeling, Scorpius didn't need to be told about Rose. He knew too that she didn't need his condolences; she just needed him there.Rose looked up at him, still sobbing, and wanted to bury herself in his chest. She knew that this wasn't fair though, so instead just said something that she had been dreading to accept for quite some time, "Everything's going to change now, isn't it?"Scorpius looked down for a moment and answered, "Not everything". He then took a small, red box out of his pocket and placed it delicately in her hands. The box had a smooth, white ribbon around it, keeping its contents hidden, but it looked to be just the right size to fit a ring inside.Rose opened it slowly, her hands shaking for a reason she didn't know. It was a ring after all, but was different from any Rose had ever seen. It consisted of one black, diamond stone, held in place by a golden band. There was some sort of marking within the stone, but it was blocked by a small crack stretching right across the center. It wasn't perfect, but like the joys of walking or the puddles made by the rain, it was soothing in a way. The mark had split the stone into two, but somehow it remained intact, as if nothing had touched it in the first place.After a moment of silence, Scorpius said, "Happy Birthday Rose". As she looked up at him, yet another tear falling down her face, Scorpius puts his hands in his pockets and slowly began to walk away.

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