Take 2

Jessica, Emma, Niam and Natasha are best friends, they have been ever since they could remember. The thing is that they often have to play characters that hate each other. Yep that's right they're actresses. But what happens when a new girl comes along with 5 dashing young lads? Their friendship will be tested. Drama will arise. Love may blossom. Read 'Take 2' to find out.


1. CUT!

Jessica's P.O.V

   "I HATE YOU!!" I scream at Emma while grabbing her by the shoulders. 

   "It's not my fault that Mark like me better than you!" She spat while giving me a shove. I slapped her cheek as hard as I could and ran off with tears in my eyes.

   "Annnnd... That's a wrap for that scene. Good work ladies!" John, the director, said through a megaphone.  

   "Raow! It looked like you were about to kill each other!" Natasha said while hanging her arms around our shoulders.

   "It's just the art of acting darling." Emma replies with a posh accent. 

   "Do you guys wanna go to get something to eat while we're on break?" Niam asked finishing her water.

   "Sure!" We all replied. We grabbed our stuff and walked to the nearest cafe.

   "4 mochas please." I told the guy at the counter.

   "That will be $10" He replied typing in the order.

   "Here ya go" I said while handing him the money. I grabbed a table number and went to go sit with the girls.

   "Got any goss chickitas?" Tash asked.

   "I hear that there will be some new people in set soon." Emma added. I sought of drown  the conversation out and look around the shop. I have been here so many times but I have never fully grasped it's true beauty. Light streamed through a ivory coloured curtain that had such precise patterns sewn into it. Next to that there was a tea pot with small flowers bordering the the lid, which then flowed down to the bottom of the pot. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. The scent of fresh coffee filled my nose, closely followed by the sweet smell of jasmine. 

   "Earth to Jess. Anyone in there?" Niam said while snapping her fingers.

   "Ah... Yeah? Sorry I sought of blanked out. You were saying?" The girls continued to gossip as I slid down into my chair more feeling awkward.

   "Who's hungry?" Tash asked standing up.

   "I am!!" Niam and Emma said while telling Tash what they each wanted.


   "Ah.. Yeah. Um... surprise me?" 

   "You're the boss." And with that she zipped to the cash register. After we ate we walked back to the studio and were about to start filming when a group of 6 people walked in.

   "Ahh just in time!" John said while walking over to them.

   "Who are they?" Emma asked. We all shrugged our shoulders and walked over to greet them.

   "Girls meet your new co-stars!" 

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