The Nerd Next Door

I was awoken by the noisy beeping coming from my alarm clock. Great. Another day in hell.
Swinging my legs over the side of my bed, I left the warm and comforting feeling and made my way across the cold wood floor to get ready for school.
Don't get me wrong, I love to learn. It's just the people there... Well let's just say I don't quite fit in. Hi, I'm Kristine, and I'm the nerd next door.


3. Chapter 3

I can do this. 

I thought as I rang the door bell of the Styles' house. 

But then I started to second guess myself.

Maybe I could just run off right now. I could hide at the park. Get a job at Starbucks. Get an apartment. Educate myself online.

No that's stupid. Just suck it up, and get it over with.

Interrupting my thoughts, Mrs. Styles opened the door and peaked out side. Her gaze fell on me and instantly her face lit up. 

"Kristine! Oh Kristine dear, do come in!" She smiled warmly as she pulled me inside. 

 "You've got a very lovely house Mrs. Styles." I spoke softly in admiration. 

"Well thank you deary. Now then, how about a spot of tea and we'll chat."

"Sound brilliant." I said before once again, she pulled me to her kitchen. 

"Mum! Who's here?" I heard a rough deep English accent ask, getting closer by the second. 

 "Why don't you come in and find out yourself." She called back.  I heard a groan in frustration, and I giggled a bit.

"Why do I-" Was all he got out before spotting me in the corner of the room with cold fierce eyes. 

"You." He thought. 

Yes, I just said thought. Not said. And the reason for that is because I can read emotions very well. 

 "Harry I believe you've met Kristine. Actually, we were just about to have tea! Would you like to join us?" 

I could tell he didn't want to, but from Mrs. Styles' tone, he had no choice but to. 

He sighed heavily and pulled out a chair, just to plop himself down. 

 "So Kristine, I heard about... Well... You know." She was referring to my mum. 
"Yeh..." My accent was getting thick again. God Damn it.

"I see you have an Irish accent! Mind telling me where your from?" 

Here it comes. Harry sat up and smiled mischievously as he rested his chin on the palm of his hand; as if he cared and wanted to hear what I had to say.

 "Well...we lived in Ireland for about a year or two. We moved when... When my dad died."

Mrs. Styles gasped a little. Harry just smirked. 

"Yeah... He killed himself. He thought he wasn't doing a good enough job of raising a child. So he committed. My mum had said he was in a better place, and I would get to see him again." I sniffed a bit.

"Hun, if you need anything, just let me know. Better yet, let Harry know." 

 I raised a brow at her, then turned my attention to him. His face was as red as a tomato as he glared at his mum. What the actual...

"Well mum, I'm going up to my room." Harry stood up, making his chair clutter behind him. 

I took a moment to let all of that sink in. Did Harry like me? I was sure gonna find out.


As the time passed, night time fell, and I was in need of a place to sleep. 

"Oh, Kristine dear, I need to inform you that we don't have a spare bedroom... So you will need to share a bed with Harry..." 

I sighed and lightly face palmed myself. 

"Thank you Mrs. Styles. Have a nice night." Was all I could say before quietly walking up the stairs to Harry's room.

"Harry..." I tapped on his door. 

"What do you want." Harry grumbled back. 

I silently opened his door to find him near the edge of the bed, his shirt in his hand. 

I squeaked and covered my eyes with my hand. 

"Your mum said that I needed to um... Well sleep in here." I heard him groan in protest. 

"Well are you coming?" 

I slowly un covered my eyes. Still shirtless. 

I sighed in defeat as I slowly crept in. As doing so, I noticed how toned and in depth his stomach muscles were. 

"Like what you see?" He smirked. 

Rolling my eyes, I scoffed, "In you dreams."

"What ever.." He muttered under his breath as he crawled into bed, with me following. In the process of that, I managed to turn off the light.

 "Move over bed hog. I'm falling off the edge!" I groaned. 

"Well I'm sorry, I'm not used to sharing a bed with a fat pig." 

I sucked in a sharp breath. "You know what, I'm just going ta sleep on 'te couch." I started to rise from the bed, but a large hand grabbed my wrist, pulling me back down.

 "Kristine, I- I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Please stay?" 

I stopped dead in my tracks. Was he apologizing? Wow. The Harry Styles, a bully mind you, was apologizing to me, Kristine Eleene, a geek. 

Wow. Did I miss something?

I sighed and turned to face him. His green eyes were wide with a hint of fear, like he was afraid of being left alone.


I swiftly started to crawl back under the warm feeling that came from the smooth, soft sheets. 

As soon as my head hit the pillow, a long slender arm snake around my waist, pulling me closer into a comforting, and warming embrace that I recognized to be Harry.

"I-Is this alright?"

The question stayed un-answered for a few moments, just lingering in the cold mid nights air.


For a while, it stayed silent. Unfortunately that it was broken when I asked;

"Harry, why are you so nice to me all of a sudden?"

Regret filled my senses as soon as the question slipped out of my mouth.

"I just... I know what it feels like. To be alone. No one should go through that."

I was shocked at the words he had just said. Did he really say that? 

I turned over so that I was face to face with him. 

His dark brown curls were messily displayed on his plush pillow; his green eyes seamed to emit a comforting glow. He was so beautiful, words can't even describe it. 

"I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry for all the times I've frightened you- or hurt you; physically and mentally; I'm sorry."  He blurted out.

His eyes soon met mine; with a slight twinkling in them.

"It's okay Harry. It's okay." I whispered as I ever so lightly stoked his soft cheek. The moment almost felt un-real. Like it was all a dream.

"Kristine- the reason I've been so cold t'words you is because... Because I love you."

I instantly froze. My eyes widened. He just said he love me. What do I do? What do I say?

"I know it's a bit much, but I've always had these- these feelings t'words you Kristine. Some how, it all just feels right."

From that moment on; through out all the torturing, the bullying, the hatred; the look in his eyes said it all.

    He did love me.

But the question is; Do I love him back? 





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