The Nerd Next Door

I was awoken by the noisy beeping coming from my alarm clock. Great. Another day in hell.
Swinging my legs over the side of my bed, I left the warm and comforting feeling and made my way across the cold wood floor to get ready for school.
Don't get me wrong, I love to learn. It's just the people there... Well let's just say I don't quite fit in. Hi, I'm Kristine, and I'm the nerd next door.


2. Chapter 2

"Mum I'm home!" I screamed, throwing my bag by the door and taking my white converse off, neatly placing them by the door. 

 "Mum..." I called out once again, wondering where she had gone. She was usually home by the time school was finished. 

I decided to turn on the news and see what's going on in the world, and it had already been on the local news.

"Thanks Jim. Now this just in, recently there has been a major crash on high way two sixty-three. The accident involved a Dark Blue Durango and a moving Van," I frowned. My mum drove a Dark Blue Durango... Maybe it's just a coincidence.

 "It has been said by paramedics on the scene that the woman driving the vehicle,  is in seriously critical condition." 

The tv then displayed a picture of a woman who looked... Like my mum.

No. No no no. This cannot be happening. I started to panic.  I stood up and rang the only person I could trust.

 "Hello?" She answered after three rings. "Mrs. Jordan." I said wearily into the phone. 

 "Kristine? Kristine Hun what's wrong?" She asked. I swallowed hard. "Check the news."

 I guess she did and about a minute later she finally spoke again. "Oh my... Sweetie- I'm so sorry. I'm coming to pick you up." And with that she hung up and left me alone. 

 About five minutes later there was a knock at the door. I quickly answered it, knowing it would be her, and practically leaped into their arms. 

 But something was different. The person I was hugging had strong, bulky arms and a hard toned stomach. They smelled absolutely wonderful.

 This is not Mrs. Jordan. 

  I looked up to see an equally confused and shocked Harry. I quickly scrambled away from him.

 " S-Sorry. I j-just thought you were s-someone else." I stuttered. 

 That's another thing about me. I stutter when I get upset. 

 "Um yeah. My mum wants to know if you would like to come over.." He awkwardly shifted from one foot to the other. 

 "Actually I'm um, expecting someone.." I said softly.  

"Fine." He scoffed and walked away. He was my next door neighbor, so he didn't have a long way to walk.

 What was his problem... My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Mrs. Jordan's car pulling into the drive way. I ran out of the house and into her arms this time. 

 "I'm sorry sweetie. I really am." She cooed, swaying back and forth while I weeped silently. 

"Do you want to go check and see if she's at the hospital?" I nodded my head weekly as I wiped my palm against my cheek, trying to get rid of the many tears streaming down my face. 

She opened the door for me as I climbed into her yellow jeep and tugged at my seat belt. 

 This is going to be a long week.


"Hi we're here for Jocelyn Eleen. Is she in?" Ms. J asked a nurse. 

 She thought a minute. "Um, I think so. Mrs. Eleen is in room A16." We thanked her and made our way to my mums room.

 "Mum?" I quietly called, careful not to disturb her if she was sleeping. 

"Kristine? Is that you darling? Come here." My mother said wearily, and so i knelt by her bed side. "Yes mummy?" 

"Kristine I want you to stay with Mrs. Styles." I couldn't believe the words that just came out of her mouth. 

 I knew that her and Mrs. Styles were close. They always had been. But I don't understand why she wanted me there. With my bully mind you.

 "Mrs. E, I'm sure Kristine could stay with me!" Ms. Jordan protested. "Non sense. It'll be alright. The Style's already have my permission. Now I want you to go home, and pack for a few nights."

 "But mum-" I protested. " No buts. Go on with you." And with that, we left. We left, and went back home, in which I had to obey my mothers orders, I packed my clothes. 

 "Would you like me to drop you off hun?" Ms. J asked. 
 "Naw, I'm fine. Thanks though." I frowned, shoving a pair of shorts into my blue duffel bag.

As you can tell I'm very good at hiding my emotions. I could maybe even be an actor someday. 

In my dreams.





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