The Nerd Next Door

I was awoken by the noisy beeping coming from my alarm clock. Great. Another day in hell.
Swinging my legs over the side of my bed, I left the warm and comforting feeling and made my way across the cold wood floor to get ready for school.
Don't get me wrong, I love to learn. It's just the people there... Well let's just say I don't quite fit in. Hi, I'm Kristine, and I'm the nerd next door.


1. Chapter 1

"So Kristine, how's your dad doing?" The monstrous voice rang throughout my ear. "Oh that's right, I forgot you don't have one!" I fought back the tears as I placed my book bag inside of the small locker. 

"What happened to him anyway? He committed suicide right? I don't blame him..." I finally looked up to see the "Most Popular Guy In School", as they say. His name was Harry Styles. My nightmare. My bully.

My lip started to quiver as he came closer and turned his head to whisper into my ear. "I'll see you after school babe." He chuckled darkly as he disappeared with his group of "friends" to do who knows what. 

I shook off the feeling that he left me with and shut my locker, heading t'words first period. This is going to be a long day.


"So that class, is why we all need cells!" My science teacher Mr. Beck said just before the bell rang, signaling for us to finally leave school. 

Mr. Beck nodded his head and with that we all rushed out of the cramped class room and out to do who knows what.

I on the other hand went straight for my locker, ducking beneath the crowd of people, with an advantage of being so small. 

Finally arriving at my locker, I quickly put in the combination and started to yank up the latch, but as always it wouldn't open. Curse my lack of strength.

"Where do you think your going nerd?" His deep harsh tone spoke into my ear. "I was- I mean, well... My locker." I squeaked. "Oh I'm sorry, am I scaring you?" Harry laughed dryly. 

 "Mr. Styles, I would advise you to back off of Miss Eleen." My 5th period math teacher, Mrs. Jordan, said dryly. 

 "You got lucky bitch." He growled before walking off. I stood there with wide eyes, looking at Mrs. Jordan, still not believing what she had just said. 

Mrs. Jordan and I are pretty close. She knows my story and I know hers. She even got me a locker close to her class room to keep an eye on me. 

"Kristine, you need to start standing up for yourself! What have I told you?" She scolded. "Ta start seeing a councilor..." My Irish accent was thick. And I've always hated it. Everyone else has nice decent English accent while I have an annoying Irish one. 

 You see, my mum and I moved here in England after my father... Well died. We were hoping for a new start. Like that was ever going to happen. 

 "Good. Now go home and get ready. I'm taking you and your mother out for dinner tonight." 

 "No! Mrs. Jordan! You can't tell mum anything about this! You promised!" I cried as she held her hands up in defeat. 
 "Fine, fine. She's going to have to find out sometime, I hope you know." I sighed. She was right, no matter how much I didn't want to admit it.





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