Mending The Memories - A Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) Fanfic

Cleo Greenfeld awoke in a hospital, completely unaware of the events that had occurred just a few days before. She'd gotten into an accident and forgotten about everything that was fairly recent to her. Will she ever remember any of her most recent friends? Will she ever remember any of the important things that had happened to her recently? But most importantly, will she remember the boy she loves?


1. What Happened?

 I awoke, a bright light blinding my tired eyes. I slowly began to sit up, a sudden dizzyness being struck upon me causing me to fall back onto my bed. As my head fell upon the pillow, I felt a sharp pain in my head. The way I was feeling seemed weird, mostly because I’ve never experinced these things before. Well, nothing this severe.


“Hello? Ms. Greenfeld?” A small woman appeared in the doorway, she had a beautiful British accent and dark brown hair. I looked at her, wondering why she was here.


 “Who are you?” I took a look around the room I was in, realizing that it wasn’t my room at all. “Where am I?”


 “Oh you’re awake.” The nurse said cheerfully as she walked in, closing the door behind her. “I’m Nurse Watt and by the look on your face I’m guessing you don’t remember a thing, do you?”


 I looked at her like she was crazy. Me not remembering anything? I don’t even recall anything that would have caused me to lose my memory. Well, when someone loses their memory they wouldn’t really remember what had happened to them.


 “Well, not really. Where am I?” Nurse Watt walked over next to me and gently placed her hand on mine.


 “Sweety, you’re in a hospital.” She said calmly.


 “Hospital? What?! How did I get here? What happened?!” The questions slurred one after the other. My mind trying to debate which important questions needed to get answered first.


 “Please Ms. Greenfeld, calm down. Everything is fine, you just have to trust me. The reason you are in the hospital is because of an accident that had occurred and caused you to lose some important parts of your memory. You will definitely need time, it may take months and maybe even years for your memory to fully recover.” Nurse Watt looked down at the clipboard she held in one of her hands, then back at me.


 “What accident?” My voice was quiet as my mind kept trying to comprehend everything that the nurse was saying.


 “You were walking down the street by yourself one night and a transport truck struck you. You had been walking on the pavement and he swerved out of control, you’re lucky to be alive.” She patted my hand gently and walked over to a chair in the corner. She picked it up and placed it next to the bed.


 “So you’re saying that I was walking in the middle of the road when a transport truck hit me?! I know I’ve never been the smartest person but I certianly know that I wouldn’t have done that!”


 “No. You weren’t walking in the middle of the road. You were walking on the, sidewalk? Is that what it’s called? I’ve never really heard the term used before.”  Nurse Watt giggled slightly.


 “It’s called the sidewalk, I should’ve realized what you were talking about. I knew I wouldn’t have been that stupid!” I laughed.


 There was a knock on the door. Nurse Watt scurried over and opened the door slightly. From what I could hear, there was a guy speaking to her. All I was able to make out were faint whispers being exchanged between the two. Then after about 4 minutes, Nurse Watt reappeared in the doorway. But this time she had a guy who was about 6”3 with shaggy brown hair. He looked like he was around 19 years old.


 “Okay so Ms. Greenfeld, you may or may not remember him, but this is your boyfriend.” Nurse Watt pointed to the guy standing next to her.


 I looked at her in confusion then laughed. “You’re kidding right? I haven’t had a boyfriend since I was 13!”


 Nurse Watt looked to the guy standing next to her, then back to me. “No, I’m not kidding. This is your boyfriend. He’s been in the waiting room ever since you’ve been here.”


 “Well what’s his name?” I asked in amusement. Enjoying the joke they were trying to play on me.


 “I’m Daniel. But everyone, including you, call me Dan.” He also had a British accent, just like Nurse Watt. He adjusted his hair and started nervously playing with his thumbs.


 “Well Dan, I don’t have a boyfriend. So I know both of you are playing a really bad joke on me.” I chuckled.


 “Ms. Greenfeld! We are not joking.” She looked over at Dan. “She must’ve lost that part of her memory, you stay here while I go get her mum.”


 “Okay.” Dan slowly walked over towards my bed and sat down in the chair that Nurse Watt had left there. “I am your boyfriend. We’ve been together for 3 years. When I heard about the accident I was crushed. I wasn’t sure if you were gonna make it. I was worried.”


 Right after Dan finished his sentence, Nurse Watt had returned with my mother.


 “Cleo you’re okay!” My mother exclaimed, rushing over to hug me.


 “Yes Mom, I’m fine now.” I giggled, hugging my mother.


 “Okay so the nurse told me that you didn’t recognize Dan?” She glanced over at him. He was avoiding eye contact from everyone and kept looking at the floor.


 “Oh no not you too!” I groaned. “Now my own mother is in on this little ‘prank’?”


 My Mom looked at me, confused. “Sweetheart it’s not a prank. Dan is you’re boyfriend. You may not believe it, but it’s true. I even have some pictures of you two.”


 My Mom took out her phone and scrolled through some photos of me and my ‘boyfriend’ Dan. They all tried to convince me that he really was my boyfriend and has been for the past 3 years, but I’m finding it a little hard to believe.


 “Well I guess she lost all memory of me during the accident.” Dan said with tears building up in his chestnut eyes. Then he quickly stood up and ran out of the room.


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