Mending The Memories - A Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) Fanfic

Cleo Greenfeld awoke in a hospital, completely unaware of the events that had occurred just a few days before. She'd gotten into an accident and forgotten about everything that was fairly recent to her. Will she ever remember any of her most recent friends? Will she ever remember any of the important things that had happened to her recently? But most importantly, will she remember the boy she loves?


2. The Blue Eyed Boy

 Nurse Watt and my mother both looked at me in disappointment.


 “Honey, he is your boyfriend.” My mother said, sitting on the edge of my hospital bed.


 “Yeah, whatever. Is there any music I can listen to? Maybe some My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy?” I said blankly, looking down at my plain white bed sheets.


 Nurse Watt whispered something to my mother and walked over to me. “Ms. Greenfeld, you were acting rather cold towards your boyfriend don’t you think?”


 “Well maybe a little bit. But I don’t appreciate the fact that you are trying to pull the wool over my eyes and trick me into thinking that he’s my boyfriend.” I sighed, sinking into the bed.


 My mother shook her head and walked out of the room and down the hallway. Nurse Watt watched her as she left, then turned her attention back to me. “He really is your boyfriend. When your memory returns then you’ll understand that we’re not kidding.” She turned and began to leave, but I stopped her.


 “Wait. I’m sorry. I can be really stubborn sometimes. If you guys were really kidding, then you would’ve eventually given up. Do you think Dan is still there by any chance?” Nurse Watt slowly turned around and smiled. She walked over to me and placed her hand on my shoulder.


 “I’m sure I’ll find him somewhere.” She smiled once more before walking swiftly out of the room.


 I sat and waited, hoping that I wouldn’t be stuck here for long. Then my mind started to wander off, thinking about if Dan was really my boyfriend, yeah I know I told Nurse Watt that I believed her but somewhere in the back of my mind there was still some doubt. I mean, even if he was my boyfriend, things wouldn’t be the same like before the accident. Like Nurse Watt had said, it may take weeks, months, even years for my memory to fully recover. Then I began to think about if I had forgotten about anyone else I knew. I must’ve been so deep in my thoughts that I hadn’t realized that Nurse Watt had come back into my room.


 “I couldn’t find Daniel, but his friend Philip was still in the waiting room and wanted to see you. Apparently he is also a friend of yours, but I’m guessing that you lost the memory of him also am I right?” Nurse Watt stood in the door way and peeked over her shoulder, then back at me.


 I nodded my head, feeling a slight dizziness. “He can come in if he likes.” I smiled.


 “Philip, you can come in now.” Nurse Watt smiled at a tall boy with ebony coloured hair stood up from his seat in the waiting area and began to walk in. He seemed a little nervous as he approached my bed.


 “Hi Cleo. How are you feeling?” He spoke in an adorable British accent as he stood next to the wall dressed in an orange and green plaid shirt and slightly faded black skinny jeans.


 “I could’ve been better. Most of my memory is gone, including the memory of knowing you and Dan.” I looked up at the tall boy who had walked over to the chair by my bed and had sat down, seeing that he had the most magnificent eyes I’ve ever seen. They were light blue and suited him perfectly. If I must say, he looked adorable.


 His expression changed and his mouth fell slightly open. “So you’ve forgotten about me?” He said shyly.


 “Well yeah, but I promise I won’t anymore! Mostly because you have the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” I quickly put my hands over my mouth not realizing what I had been saying.


 He giggled slightly. “Thanks. You always used to tell me that before the accident. You were always so amazed whenever you saw them and complimented me on them every single day.”


 I could feel  my face redden slightly at the cuteness in his voice. “Well I guess whenever I’m amazed with something it stays that way. Also the fact that I have to talk about it all the time makes me even more amazed at myself that I get so amazed over things.” I began to mumble.


 “Well that was certianly a mouthfull wasn’t it?” Phil chuckled.


 “Yeah it kind of was.” I laughed, looking over at Nurse Watt who seemed to be laughing a little also.


 “So Cleo, when do you think you’ll get out of here?” Phil asked, placing his had on the back of his neck.


 “She is able to leave, hmm. Tomorrow I think. Either tomorrow or the day after.” Nurse Watt looked at her watch then smiled at Phil.


 “Oh okay, well I have to go. I should probably make sure Dan is okay. Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow Cleo!” Phil was beginning to leave before I quickly called out to him.


 “Wait Phil!” I called. He quickly turned around with a slight look of confusion.


 “Yeah Cleo?” Phil adjusted his hair and began to walk over to my bed again.


 “I want a hug before you leave. I know I hardly remember you, but you’re too adorable to let leave without a hug.” I smiled.


 Phil leaned over the rail of the bed and gave me a warm hug, the sent of his cologne gently floating off of his shirt and onto my hospital gown. I was enjoying the hug until I heard a noise coming from the doorway. Phil quickly let go of me and looked over to see what had created it. And there stood another nurse, dressed in a bright pink uniform with long golden hair.


 “I’m sorry but visiting hours are now over.” She said rudely.


 Nurse Watt looked over at her. “There’s no need to speak so rudely to such a nice boy. He was just leaving and besides, I know when visiting hours are over. So please go about your own business Meredith.”


 I looked over at Nurse Watt in complete shock. She handled that so perfectly, calm with a hint of anger. That’s the way to handle rude people like that. At that moment I felt like applauding her, but I knew that’d be an odd thing to do. Then I glanced up at Phil, who had the exact same expression as me, which made me giggle.


 “Fine Jennifer.” The rude nurse huffed then left.


 A few moments of complete silence were dawned over us until Phil had finally spoken. “Well Cleo I’ll see you tomorrow!” Phil said excitedly.


 “Yeah see you tomorrow! Bye Phil!” I waved goodbye as he walked out of the room and down the hallway. The happiness of being able to see him again coursing through me.

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