Mending The Memories - A Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) Fanfic

Cleo Greenfeld awoke in a hospital, completely unaware of the events that had occurred just a few days before. She'd gotten into an accident and forgotten about everything that was fairly recent to her. Will she ever remember any of her most recent friends? Will she ever remember any of the important things that had happened to her recently? But most importantly, will she remember the boy she loves?


6. Memories


      This chapter is short and kinda crappy, so I apologize in advance. Also I'm EXTREMELY sorry for the inconsistency of the chapters, but if you guys can tell me whether or not you want me to continue and if you even like the story, that would be greatly appreciated! I love you all! MUAH <3


      After a few hours of watching T.V. and playing video games, we decided to go get something to eat. I had no idea where we were going, but in all honesty I didn't care. We walked around for a little while, finally finding somewhere to eat. I can't recall the name, but what I do know is that the food was absolutely delicious. We talked about a lot of things, Dan and Phil both telling me stories that my mind had forgotten. We sat there laughing our heads off the entire time we were at the restaurant.

      Afterwards, we walked around for about an hour and a half, Dan and Phil both asking how much I remembered and if anything had started coming back yet.

      "So Cleo, how much do you remember?" Dan asked, looking at me. 

      "Well not a whole lot really. I remember everything from my childhood, but I can't seem to remember anything that has to do with being here." I looked away from Dan, staring at the ground.

      "So you don't remember anything that's happened in the past 2 years?" Dan said quietly, his voice shaking as he spoke.

      "Wait, I've been here 2 years?" I was completely shocked, how did I manage to forget 2 whole years of my life?

      "Yeah you've been here for 2 years, you and Dan have been dating for 3." Phil looked at me, then at Dan.

      "Me and Dan have been dating for 3 years?" My voice was quiet, mostly because I was asking myself. Still extremely surprised and confused.

      "Yeah, it's been three years. You ended up contacting me because you had liked my YouTube videos. We talked and Skyped all the time, then on your birthday, 2 months after we began talking, I finally decided to ask you to be my girlfriend. You were so surprised and happy, you almost didn't let me finish asking you." Dan smiled, laughing slightly.

      "Wow you remember all of that? That's really sweet." I smiled up at Dan, noticing tears in his eyes. I stopped walking and hugged Dan, burying my face in his chest. I felt so bad for not remembering anything about him or Phil, when clearly the both of them remembered so much about me. I wonder how everything would be if I wasn't in that accident. Would everything be better? Considering the fact that I can't even remember how everything was originally, I wasn't sure what would happen. Dan did seem like a genuinely great guy, he remembered the little things I did and said. At this point the only thing I know is that this is going to be an interesting adventure.

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