Mending The Memories - A Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) Fanfic

Cleo Greenfeld awoke in a hospital, completely unaware of the events that had occurred just a few days before. She'd gotten into an accident and forgotten about everything that was fairly recent to her. Will she ever remember any of her most recent friends? Will she ever remember any of the important things that had happened to her recently? But most importantly, will she remember the boy she loves?


4. Going Home

      It was difficult to fall asleep due to the occurrences of the day. Firstly finding out that I had been in an accident, then finding out that I apparently had a 'boyfriend' and that I was friends with his best friend. So after many failed attempts of trying to sleep, I decided to stay awake for a little while and check my phone, which had been given to me earlier and was luckily still in tact.
      I unlocked the screen and saw that I had many missed calls and messages. I clicked my messages to see who had contacted me, only to see that there were over 30 messages from Dan. I read through all of them and the majority of them were about him being incredibly worried about me after he heard about the accident that had occurred a few weeks ago.
      "Wow, so I obviously knew him before the accident." I said as I scrolled through the messages we had exchanged, finding many messages saying how much we loved each other. "So they weren't lying. Dan is actually my boyfriend. I'm such a dick."
      After exiting my messages I decided to go into my photos, seeing multiple pictures of me and Dan, me and Phil and all three of us together. I scrolled through many of the pictures before deciding I should probably go to sleep. So I turned off my phone, rested my head on the pillow and finally fell asleep.

      "Ms. Greenfeld? Are you awake?" I faintly heard Nurse Watt whisper to me. I groaned in response. "You're able to go home today!"
      "Wait what?" I quickly sat up, making myself dizzy. "Did you say I'm leaving today?"
      "Yes, yes I did." Nurse Watt laughed. "Your friend Philip said that he's coming over to take you home, he also said that your boyfriend Dan is still a little shaken up from yesterday but he should be fine once you get home."
      "Oh yeah, about Dan, I know that you weren't kidding and I was just being stubborn. As soon as I get home I'm apologizing to Dan. Wait, why is Phil taking me home instead of my mother?" I asked, feeling a little sick.
      "According to your friend, you've been living with Daniel and Philip for about a year now."
      I simply nodded my head, not wanting to be difficult any more. "Okay, so when am I supposed to get picked up?"
      Nurse Watt smiled. "In about 45 minutes, so that should give you enough time to gather your belongings and get a shower if you'd like."
      "Yeah, I'll probably get a shower, I'm feeling a little disgusting." I smiled and laughed.
      I gathered everything that belonged to me and waited for Phil to arrive. Luckily I wasn't waiting for very long before he showed up to take me home.
      "Cleo! How are you feeling today?" He smiled, sticking his arms out for a hug.
      I quickly stepped into his welcoming arms. "I'm feeling a lot better. Mostly because I get to go home, I got a shower and I'm not in very much pain any more."
      "That's great. I'm glad you're feeling better, and I bet Dan will be really happy too. Now come on, let's get you out of here and back home where you belong." Phil smiled, letting go of me and I followed him out to his car.
      I sat inside his car, feeling a little nervous. I was unsure about how to act around Dan, considering we are technically dating. After multiple ideas I finally decided that it would probably be better to just act normally and ease my way back into the whole 'dating' thing.
      "Cleo are you okay? We've been driving for 15 minutes and you haven't said anything. Is something wrong?" Phil spoke softly, almost if he was afraid that the sound of his voice would scare me.
      "I'm okay, just a little tired." 
      Phil nodded his head and parked the car. "Well here we are, I'll tell Dan you're here."
      I nodded my head shyly and got out of the car, following closely behind Phil. We walked inside and he walked me into the living room, motioning for me to sit down. I sat on the vibrant coloured couch and Phil walked fairly quickly to go and get Dan. In those brief moments I felt my anxiety begin to increase, but I reminded myself that this had been a person I had known for quite some time and there was nothing bad that was going to happen, and luckily it helped me calm down a significant amount.
      "Cleo?" I heard a voice come from the hallway. I looked up to see the tall boy whose heart I had shattered when he knew I didn't remember him.
      "Hi Dan. I still don't remember who you are, but I'm going to try my very hardest to remember whatever I can. What I do know now is that you are my boyfriend and I wanted to apologize for acting so harshly before. I thought it was some kind of sick joke and I-"
       "It's okay Cleo." Dan quickly interrupted me. "You don't have to apologize. I probably would've acted the same way after having so much information dumped on you in the span of 15 minutes." Dan smiled. Even though he was smiling I knew that he was still extremely upset that I didn't remember him.
      I stood up from the couch and ran over to Dan, hugging him tightly. "I'm so sorry I don't remember you."
      He hugged me back, resting his chin on the top of my head. I felt something wet fall on my head and I looked up to see that Dan was crying. I quickly walked him over to the couch and sat down, letting him cry on my shoulder as I played with the hair on the back of his neck.

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