The Dark Secret

Marianne has started to develop a crush on her best friends boyfriend. She knows its wrong to do what she is doing, but never solves the problem. When she is to frustrated she cut herself making her life more complicated. When her friend Carrie, who has taken boyfriend and girlfriend to the next level, comes to pay Marianne a visit, it's a matter of life or death on what will happen next.


3. Third Grade

    March 3, 2013

     Max and I were in the same class in 3rd grade, 6th grade 7th grade and 8th grade. Carrrie and Max don't remember any of the past but I remember everything perfectly. 


      "Do you want to go out Marianne or no" Max asked. It was a cloudy day with rain. That was my kind of day. I said yes to Max in 6th grade. He told me how he liked me since the third grade when he met me. We texted all night one day at Jenna's ( my best friend aka twiny)house. He asked ne how we would move to Ireland beacuse he is Irish.  That was my best day ever till now. But he broke up with me for my best friend and leads me to right now. In 7th grade,  Max and I were then sex friends, ralked about sex and sent pictures. But that was the past. We did that in 8th grade but when we hit 9th grade everything changed between me and him.

*End of Flashback*

      Max and I were best friend though but now we are just an aquiantance. It's the same with Carrie. At dinner our mom told us "good news". It's not good news. My mom was informed she is having twims one boy and one girl. Great. Now I have that to look forward to.

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