The Dark Secret

Marianne has started to develop a crush on her best friends boyfriend. She knows its wrong to do what she is doing, but never solves the problem. When she is to frustrated she cut herself making her life more complicated. When her friend Carrie, who has taken boyfriend and girlfriend to the next level, comes to pay Marianne a visit, it's a matter of life or death on what will happen next.


1. The Start of It

   February 27,2013

  I never had the courage to tell him or ask him how he feels about me. I want to know if he likes me, or if he feels anything about me. When I asked him by texting, he said "I like you and Carrie. Do you know if she likes me?" He never asked me anything about him and me. That's why I started cutting my self when Max asked Carrie out to start dating.

    I couldn't bear it, them hugging each other acting all mushy. I even found out that they  have kissed in these 5 hours. I couldn't understand why they were dating anyway. They don't even have anything in common. Max is dirty while Carrie is always telling him to not to be dirty. I've told her a million times just today and she wont admit it.

    They'll tire each other at some point. I give them 2 weeks, maximum. This day has not only been super great but I found out I was having another baby brother or sister. my mom never will stop having kids. Now I will be stuck in the middle. First was Jessica, then Jake, me, Sam and the new baby coming.

    I think this year will be the worst one I ever will have.


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