The Dark Secret

Marianne has started to develop a crush on her best friends boyfriend. She knows its wrong to do what she is doing, but never solves the problem. When she is to frustrated she cut herself making her life more complicated. When her friend Carrie, who has taken boyfriend and girlfriend to the next level, comes to pay Marianne a visit, it's a matter of life or death on what will happen next.


2. My Life is Hell

  March 1, 2013

        It's official. My life is the living hell. Carrie and  Max, two 9th graders graders had sex. They only have been dating for like 2 days and they have sex. Carrie tells me every little detail of it. " I couldn't help but moan!!! It was so passionate! I screamed Fuck an  stuff like that. He ate out of me, he put his dick in my mouth and in my vagina!!! It felt so good. I am even a porn star. I recorded it so that me and Max can rember our moment!!"

       I hated that bitch. Her parents would kill her and Max because she lost her virginity at 15 and Max is only 14. Also, since my lif  is hell, Jack tried to abuse me and sell me to this strip club. I kicked him and aimed for his groin, but he had the cup. Lucky for him.Jessica tried to feed me cat food and let out spider and snackes in my bed so i started freaking out in the middle of the night. My life is also messed up. My mom has been going to her boyfriends house evry night, so we stay at home. Sam is always screaming at us older kids to stay alert if any boyfriends or girlfriends are coming over, that we use protection. She can be irritating.



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