You're My Drug

My God sits in the back of the limousine my God comes in a wrapper of cellophane my God pouts on the cover of the magazine my god's a shallow bitch trying to make a scene i have arrived and this time you should believe the hype i listened to everyone now i know that everyone was right ill be there for you as long as it works for me i play a game it's called insincerity i am every fucking thing and just a little more i sold my soul but don't you dare call me a whore and when i suck you off not a drop will go to waste it's really not so bad you know once you get past the taste, all our pain how did we ever get by without you? you're so vain i bet you think this song is about you now i belong, im one of the chosen ones now i belong, im one of the beautiful ones
Sierra Ruane wasn’t always in the in crowd She was a drug addict, a cutter and, a stripper. She was a virgin. this was an easy job with a big pay. She left her parents kicked her out. She changed her last name. What happens next?


1. Bayhroom

“Sierra Sweet!  On the pole now!” My boss, Pete screamed.  

I shed my robe and stepped on, greeted by sleazy men.  

“Sierra!  Over here!” One boy  screamed.  

    Ew.  He was like 13 or something.  I began to grind on the metal post.  I looked into the crowd once again.  My eyes met his, but he wasn’t staring at me.  He was staring at my body.  I collected my money and exited the podium.  

“Ugh.  I hate these people.” I mumbled.  

I threw my trench coat on and walked out.  

“Hey!” One man yelled.  “How about you do an encore show at my house?” The filth grabbed my arm.  

“Get away!” A voice behind screamed.  

    I whipped around.  It was the man.  The man I saw before.  The...hero.  He punched the man and he fell into a state of unconsciousness.  

“What’s your name?” the man asked.  

“Uh..uh...Sierra Ruane.” I said looking up.  

“Harry.” he smiled.  

“Do you have somewhere to stay?” He asked.  

“Do I know you?” I questioned.  

“You know One Direction.” he smiled and brushed his locks to the side.  

“I’m sorry, who?” I asked embarrassed.  

“I’m in a band.  A famous band.” He blushed.  

“Oh.  That’s that band that everyone freaks out over.” I looked up.  

“Well, thanks for the help.” I began to walk away.  

“Wait!” he ran after me.  

“Listen.  I got a place to sleep, I got food to eat.  I’ve lived without you and I can continue living without you!” I opened my car door and another one opened.  

“Get out.” I demanded.  

“Show me where you live.” He retorted.  

“No.” I began to dial the police.  

“I’m giving you three seconds to get out.  I’m calling the police.” I showed him the phone.  

“3...2...-” Harry grabbed my phone and shut it down.

“Give me my phone!” I screamed, as he began to sprint towards his Range Rover.  

“Get in, or you don’t get your phone.” Harry began to shift into drive.  

    How else will I get my phone?  I got in.  

“Now give me my phone.” I put my hand out.  

“Not yet.” He drove east.  

“Can you give me my phone?  I’m expecting a call.” I began to beg.

“From whom?” He asked.  

“From...a friend.” I managed to think of a word for my “friend.”  

“And why are you expecting a call from your ‘friend?’” He asked.  

“He’s giving me...some medicine.” I lied.  

“What type?” Harry quizzed.  

“It’s personal.” I began to reach for my phone.  

“Nope!” He popped the P.  

“Just drop me off at the corner of Park.” I began to comfortable.

I hopped out of the car and got...the stuff.  

“Where’s the money?” my dealer asked.  

I gave it to him and rolled a blunt.  

“What did you get?” Harry asked when I got back in.  

“Nothing.  Can I borrow a lighter?” I asked.  

“Err....I don’t smoke.” Harry confessed.  

“Oh.  Can we stop at CVS?” I asked.  

“No.” He began to drive away from my apartment.  

“Were are you going?” I asked.  

“Home.” He answered.  

“This isn’t home.” I answered.

“It is tonight.” He dragged me out of the car.

“Stop!” I screamed.

“Welcome home!” Harry smiled.

    I figured I wasn’t going to get out.  So I began to ask around the house.  Zayn, thankfully had a lighter and I discreetly walked to the bathroom.  I rolled the blunt up and lit it.

“Hello?  Sierra Sweet?  Are you okay?” Harry asked.

“Mhm!” I said happy.

He then burst in and caught me.  But I didn’t care.  HAHA.

“HI!” I smiled.

“Sierra?” Harry asked, “What are you doing?”

“Smoking a blunt?  Want some?” I asked happily.

“Sierra.  You can’t take drugs.  It’s illegal and bad for you.” Harry tried to tug it away.

“NOO!” I whined.

Eventually I came down from my high.  Harry stared at me.  God!  What’s his problem?  

“I’m giving you at home rehab.  No cigarettes, drugs, alcohol.  Nothing.” Harry threw everything in the garbage.

“Doesn’t matter.  I won’t be staying here forever.” I shrugged.

“You’re right.  But you will stay here for the remainder of the year.” He smirked.


“Fine Harry.  You wanna play that game?  Let’s play.” I mumbled.

I walked into the kitchen, secretly grabbed a knife and trotted to the bathroom.  I slowly made creases in my arm.  The crimson seeping through the cracks fascinated me.

“Sierra!” A boy named Louis screamed.

“Get away.” I hollered.

“Sierra.  Please stop.” Harry pleaded.

“You don’t know what I’ve been through, so just go.” I slammed the door shut and locked.  This place was my safe haven.

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