The Secret Love

Alexia, the newbie at Manchester High School, is a shy girl with a humorous side and unique way to dress up. Her secret crush, Louis Tomlinson is the popular boy in school but is always away. Alexia doesn't know who the real Louis is. Will she ever find out who his identity is?


1. The New House

       "Mom! I don't like this house, its old! And not to mention creepy" I cried when I walked into the soon-to-be living room.

      " We've only been in Manchester for only 3 minutes, and you're already complaining!" my mom pointed out. I hate when she does that. " Who knows, maybe you'll find a boyfriend here and you'll like it here so much you'll want to stay forever.

       I ran up the stairs to choose my room. The one with the black border and purple walls suited my style. It was large with a walk in closet. Jaden was running down the hall to the last door to the right. Only a year and a half younger than me and always acting like a baby.

       I started unpacking my belongings. My bed was in the house already so I put my bedspread and my cover on my naked bed. The movers carried my dressers up to my room so that I can start undoing my boxes.

      "Mom, I'm going to tour for a bit I'll be back in time before dinner" I shouted. When I walked out of the house, down my same street were 5 guys with awesome hair. I walked passed them as if I didn't care even though I really did.

      "Pass me the ball Lou!" cried the boy with the flirtatious smile and wavy yet curly hair.

      "No me Lou!" cried the boy with blonde hair and Polo shirt. " Come on Louis' pass me the ball!"

       They looked super cute. 'So his name is Louis' I thought. Then I realized I was staring. They looked at me and said hi. Nothing came out of my mouth. I looked down to see what I was wearing, a tye-dye shirt and sweatpants. Horrible. I almost made a new friend. It's going to be a horrible week in school when I start.

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