The Secret Love

Alexia, the newbie at Manchester High School, is a shy girl with a humorous side and unique way to dress up. Her secret crush, Louis Tomlinson is the popular boy in school but is always away. Alexia doesn't know who the real Louis is. Will she ever find out who his identity is?


3. The Finding

        Louis Tomlinson? I would have never expected to see Louis with is crew standing infront of the door, with a worried look on his face. 

         "Why in the hell did you run out! " Louis asked. He narrowed his eyes at me. I looked from Louis to the 4 other boys that were with him.

          " I just...... I just..... Didn't know what to do." I lied. I didn't want Louis to nknow the exact reason." You guys know what you guys are doing. I don't belong here."

           "What the fuck? We barely knew what we were doing!!!" gasped the boy in a green hoodie. 

           "Liam, keep the cursing to yourself. And speak for yourself!!!" cried the boy with the Polo shirt. 

            " Well, come on!!! We got to go to class. Come with?" said Louis. " What's your name anyway?"

           "Alexis, Alexis Jannelle." I responded so quickly that I think they didn't know what I said exactly. 

           " Cool. I'm Louis Tomlinson, that's Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Harry Styles."  Louis introduced me. 

           Louis took my hand and lifted me up, and together we walked back to science holding hands. We talked about our weekend and summer. They're summer was full packed and who would have thought that they were famous!!! I haven't heard a song from them since we moved, and  they looked just like the boys in the picture of the cover of Up All Night and Take Me Home. I couldn't believe that my first friends here would be famous people.

            Before we walked into class, Louis asked me a question that made me almost faint. " Do you want to go out?"

            Of course I jumped up and down because I had a little feeling for him. " YESSS!!!!" I practically screamed and everyone looked at ne all crazy like. But who wouldn't have done that!!!

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