The Secret Love

Alexia, the newbie at Manchester High School, is a shy girl with a humorous side and unique way to dress up. Her secret crush, Louis Tomlinson is the popular boy in school but is always away. Alexia doesn't know who the real Louis is. Will she ever find out who his identity is?


5. Spin the Bottle and truth or dare

       "Lets play spin the bottle while playing truth or dare. A mix. " asked Trinity and looked at Niall into his eyes.

       "Okay. I go first" Niall said. He spun the bottle and it landed on Leah, which meant  she asked the truth or dare.

       "Truth or dare, Niall" she asked.

       "Truth" he said.

        " Is it true that..... YOU LIKE TO PRACTICE AND HAVE SEX WITH A PILLOW?" Leah screamed.

       "....Yesss. Okay Leah spin the bottle." niall said quickly. It landed on Harry.

       "Truth or Dare" Harry asked all cheeky.

      "Dare" Leah said. I think she wanted to see what harry would propose to her.

      "I dare you" harry said with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes," to have some fun in the room with me" Leah jumped up and ran to the room, and you can here her undressing and getting under the covers. before that, harry spun the bottle and it landed on Nicole. "Truth or Dare" he said quickly.

     "Truth" Nicole said.

     "Is it rue that you lost your virginity to Liam?" Harry asked. Liam looked down blushing.

     "Yes. Now go have some fun with Leah." Then Harry walked to the room where Leah was in. At that second you can hear very loud bangs and loud and long moans. and Leah saying YESSS, OOHHH BABY, FUCK MEE, FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!! They must be having a very hard time I thought. Nicole spun it and it landed on my Boo bear.

     "Truth or dare" Nicole asked.

     "Dare" Louis said. Nicole was another one who had a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

     "I DARE YOU AND ALEXIS TO GO AND GIVE EACH OTHER BLOW JOBS!!!" Nicole screamed. Now the moaning stopped and bangs, and Harry and Leah started dressing. you could see that they had a very hard time. Leah looked as ugly as fuck in those 5 minutes. Me and Louis walked to his room which was at the top floor. I know Jaden is saying, I can keep a promise, and I won't tell mum.

      "Look, Alexis, I know you might not want to give me a blow job, but we can have fun for 5 minutes. I'm not going to fuck you or any stuff like that unless you want me to." My secret love who I have dated for a week, we will not give each other blow jobs, but might have fun. I told him to grab some condoms, and we were on. He did put his dick into my vagina though, but after that we washed up together, and still had fun for the next 30 minutes. I put on my clothes and so did he and when we got down to the living room, every one was either having sex or just kissing each other. Boo bear and I fell asleep, but at 10:30 I got up and woke up Jaden. We left and when we were there we could hear something coming from our mums room.

      What was happening? Me and Jade walked closer opened the door a bit and can see our mum, having sex with someone. The man said put this in your mouth and pretend you are a baby with the pacifier. she did so, and we closed the door. Jaden and I ran up to my room and talked. We were horrified. Our life became a living nightmare.

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