The Secret Love

Alexia, the newbie at Manchester High School, is a shy girl with a humorous side and unique way to dress up. Her secret crush, Louis Tomlinson is the popular boy in school but is always away. Alexia doesn't know who the real Louis is. Will she ever find out who his identity is?


2. School at Manchester High

       ' I made a complete fool of myself' I thought to myself as I sat in the janitors closet next to the broom and bucket. I was in Science class when  we were dissecting our frog. Our teacher Mrs. Arbelo was telling us the instructions when I stared at Louis from the day we moved in. There was something about him that made my heart do a summer sault when he smiled and when he looked at me. When I was staring at him, I didn't realize I was pinching  the frogs heart and hurting the dead creature. Then blood jumped on me. It squirted on my science partner, Gary.

       Everyone jumped and I smashed my hand on the frogs body sending blood across the room even onto Louis, the blonde Polo shirted boy. Another guy who was with Louis, who has chocolate brown eyes and puffy pink lips jumped up when he saw on drop of blood reach his perfect black hair.

       ''Oh no!" I cried then I marched out of the class into the janitors closet. I cried on what seemed forever until someone knocked on the door.

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