The Secret Love

Alexia, the newbie at Manchester High School, is a shy girl with a humorous side and unique way to dress up. Her secret crush, Louis Tomlinson is the popular boy in school but is always away. Alexia doesn't know who the real Louis is. Will she ever find out who his identity is?


7. Saturday Night

     When i walked into the  living room, i could see that the lads are sleeping over at louis too. I over looked the boys, and i saw zayn and harry, looking at me hungrily hungrilyand mischievously. "Oh no!" I said under my breath. I looked at Louis and with my eyes he knew i wanted to get to the room i would be sleeping in. When I sat on the covers, it felt as if i belonged there, as if it would protect me but it didn't.

     " Hi, can we come in?" Said a cheeky voice. Harry. I didnt want to panick or be mean, so i just said yes. In came in Zayn and Harry. They sat on the bed on either side of me. We talked about Manchester Louis, but the I went blank blankwhen Harry asked me if I was a virgin. I said no. They asked me who was my first an  i said Louis. Then, my nightmare came true.

     Harry locked  the door, and Zayn took off my clothes. They took of there clothes an  i could see their long dicks. I was going to get raped. im not a slut or anything, its just I'm 15, and im dating Louis. Harry came to me and climed over my naked body. He looked at my pussy an  licked them all over. He played with them for a long while an  i screamed."No ones going to here you baby" Harry said. " Each room is sound proof." He smirked. Then he sucked at my pussy and touche  my vagina. Zayn came along and kissed my neck. After Harry was done Zayn played with my pussy to, an  he  at on them. He put his dick an  brushed them together. I screamed. No on  could here me, only Harry and Zayn. Harry licked my vagina, and rubbed it. Then he went on top of me and thrust me while Zayn was on me. I kept screaming. Harrys dick went in me. I screamed again. 

How could this be happening. After about ten minutes, they put their cloths on and  left me naked under my covers. There was stains, but no cum. Louis came in a second later. He said "What did they do. I will kill them." Then he snuggled next to me and hugged me tightly. When Louis got up, he looked for clothes so that i can wash up. He looked in my suitcase, but could help looking at my thongs and lace bras. He grabbed them, my short shorts and tank top. He thought I woul look cute in them. I washed up, but they wont leave  me alone. 

        "Hey baby" Zayn called out. I called for Louis, but the door looked again. It was Zayn an  Niall who were their. I looked at Niall. I know he felt bad. Why was  this happening? They cornered me in the tub and Zayn filled the tub. "Don't worry. I'm just going to bathe with you. Niall rushed infront of Zayn before he can lay a finger on me. Ivwas naked and so was Niall.  

     “Leave her alone!!" Niall said. Then he kicked Zayn in the balls and Zayn went down. Niall hugged me and i hugged him back. He put his clothes on and dragged Zayn out. Louis looked in an  saw me crying.

     "That's it!!!" He ran out and kicked Zayn again in his balls. "Fuck you!!! I though  you were a friend but i see you are a bitch. Leav  I never want to see you again. " Louis embraced me. I was speechless. After Zayn and Harry left, Niall and Liam were there. I thanked Niall for standing up for me. Then I went to sleep an  Louis cuddled next to me me repeating I'm so sorry. We slept together.


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