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12. The nerdy girl (harry and Sammi)

Sammi POV 

Do u know how schools have bullies well I am a victim "where do u think ur going Sammi?" 

Jade my bully said (sorry if ur name is jade) "u uhmm n n nowhere" I stuttered as jade raised her hand to the level of my cheek I closed my eyes but I never felt a stinging sensation she didn't hit me I opened my eyes to see that harry was stopping jade from hitting me "leave her alone jade" harry said firmly "aww does little harry hav a crush on Sammi" jade cooed looking at me than harry.

harry POV 

"aww does little harry hav a crush on Sammi" jade cooed looking at Sammi than me "no" I said clearly lying. I hav an idea "hey guys its harry styles from one direction" I yelled in my best girl voice pointing at jade and then she was swooned with teen girls "run" I whispered to Sammi as I grabbed her hand. She may be nerdy but shes kind and beautiful on the inside and out. I love her i want her to be mine all mine.

sammi POV 

he doesn't feel the same way that I do about him wat if he only thinks of us as friends or a boy and a nerdy girl. "Harry why did u help me?" I questioned "uhm cos I I like u" he said "oh" I said sadly "like as in more than a friend" he whispered looking at the ground. "I like u more than a friend to I love u" I said slowly. harry POV 

stupid me why would I have told her that I like he more than a friend I do but now she's going to not like me why couldn't I keep my mouth shut "i like u more than a friend to I love u" she said slowly "will u do the honour of becoming my girlfriend Sammi?" I said poshly "I will do the honour of becoming ur girlfriend styles" she said mocking my posh accent I kissed her nose and we where madly in love wat can i say we got married after 5 years together and now we r more closer than louis and I.


I hoped u love the story Sammi 

xoEbony and Elana (Ashleytomlinson66)



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