One Direction Imagines/Preferences

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3. Niall for Morgan

Morgan's POV

"Morgan!" My older brother Zayn yelled, yes Zayn Malik. "Yes Zayn?" "Do you want to go to the fair with the boys and I?" Hmmmm stay home and day dream about my crush Niall, or go to a fair with Niall. "I'M GOING TO THE FAIR WITH YOU!!" I shouted. Oh my god. A whole day at the fair with Niall, YAY!! "Ok, get ready. We leave in half an hour." "OK!" I shouted back. I'm gonna wear my favourite sknny jeans, baby blue t-shirt and a leather jacket Zayn got me, well it is quite cool here in London. I put on a tiny bit of make up, the usual, powder foundation, eye liner, mascara and a touch of strawberry lip gloss. Damn I look good. I hope Niall notices me. I walked down stairs and walked to Zayn's car. When we arrived at the fair, there was no one else there. "Zayn, where is everyone?" "Well the boys and I thought it would be more fun for us to hang out with family and close friends with out paps and screaming fans everywhere, we wouldnt have so much fun, and I thought you might have your special moment with Niall." Zayn said with a smirk which made my cheecks hot, now I'm blushing. Soon the others arrived with there family and friends. My best friends Rose (Louis' sister), Charlie (Niall's sister) and Josh (Liam's brother). We are all the same age, well Josh is a year older than us girls, but he is still or very best friend. "Hey Morgan" Charlie yelled. "Hey Charlie, what's up?" She knew I liked Niall and she didn't mind, she thinks it would be cute for Niall and I to be together, thank god, she's my really close friend. "Not much, guess what?" "WHAT?!" I asked excitedly. "Niall said you look really pretty today" Oh my god, there goes my cheecks again. "Really?" I asked. "Yes!" She said happily.

*Skip entry*

"Hey Morgan" Niall said "Hi Niall" I said trying not to embrass myself, thank god I didnt, yet. "Do you want to go on the roller coaster together, you can hold my hand if you want." He said, oh my god am I dreaming, nobody pinch me. "SURE!! I mean sure." Oh gosh. We went on the roller coaster and straped in, I held Niall's hand, I felt safe. His ocean blue eyes, his blond hair, his Irish accent, ohhhhh I am in love with him. We started moving, it got scary half way when we did lops. Finally the ride stopped. Wow. "Whoa that was a tad scary. Want something to eat?" He said. "Are you hungry?" I asked giggling. "Is it that obvious?" He said laughing. "Yes!" I said laughing and so was Niall. We went to get hot dogs. Man I was hungry. "Morgan, I gotta tell you something." Niall said a little nervous. "Yes Niall?" "I have feelings for you, I know you are younger than me, but you know what Harry says, age doesnt matter. I love you Morgan." Niall said staring into my eyes. "I love you too Niall." I said smiling. We lend in and our lips touched, it was amazing. The love of my life was my first kiss. From than on we dated. I was happy and so was Niall.


I hope you liked it Morgan, comment what you think. :) THNX!!

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