One Direction Imagines/Preferences

HEY HEY HEY!! You want an imagine or a preference just comment!! :)


14. Niall for Katie

Katie's POV 

hi my name is Katie I'm am currently 15 years old. There's this certain blonde boy in a band that catches my eye, at first I didn't know who he was until one day. I have brown hair with red highlights all natural and my eyes are green with brown specs in the middle. I have a big secret only this boy knows.

(still Katie's POV) 

i was walking down the board walk when I heard this crash behind me and next thing I know I'm under water with a blonde haired big on top of me pushing me down I couldn't move, I rolled him over and his eyes were shut I started swimming to a cave I spotted and my eyes dropped close engulfing me in darkness. I woke up and saw blondie laying on the sand up against a rock still knocked out I stayed in the water and reached over and shook him, the water started bubbling and heating up than it glowed a bright purple and a Big Bang I was dragged under water and knocked out.

Blondie's POV

i heard a bang, so i tried to open my eyes and saw the most prettiest girl disappear under the water and then come up luv of the water coughing, she started sinking so I did the most easiest thing I stood up and jumped in the water I looked and looked I couldn't find her I came up and saw her half over the edge of the rocks with a neon green ombré tail from below her belly button to the tip of her toes and a godly green bandeau.

Katie's POV

i fluttered open my eyes and sad blondie touching where my legs just were. "E-e-excuse m-me, who-o are you," he stuttered "I'm Katie, do you know what happened to me." I asked "y-yeah you were in the water and you were pulled under there was a loud bang so I jumped in to help you, but you weren't there so I came up and saw you," he said trying to act manly I let out a giggle "you have the cutest giggle" he said, I felt the blood rush up to my cheeks and from that moment on he swore to protect my secret, and him and I have been dating for 3 months and he recently went on tour with his band One Direction.   

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