One Direction Imagines/Preferences

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8. Liam for Tess

I was at home watching the celebrity news when suddenly my boyfriend Liam Payne comes on. I turn the volume up and listen. Interviewer: "Liam Payne, apparently cheating on his girlfriend, Tess, with his ex girlfriend Danielle Peazer. I wonder what Tess thinks about this? They were seen kissing on a small bridge yesterday afternoon after Liam's lunch date with Tess." I turned the T.V off and suddenly tears were flowing from my eyes. How could he do this to me, I honestly thought he loved me, I guess I was wrong. I thought to myself.

*Hour later*

I feel asleep on the couch when I heard the front door open, I sat up and saw Liam come in. "Hey babe" He said smiling. I sat there silently, not moving, staring at the ground. "Babe, what's wrong?" Liam asked. "Do you love me?" I asked quietly. "Of course. Why would you ask that?" He asked with worry. "Well, I was sitting on the couch when celebrity news came on and you were on there." I said and looked at him with my red puffy eyes (because I've been crying). "What about me?" He asked worried once again. "It said that you were seeing Danielle again, even had pictures. You were seen kissing her on a bridge after our lunch date. How could you Liam?" I asked crying again. "No no no. I'm sorry please don't cry, I'm an idiot to go see her again. I'm really sorry boo." He said coming closer. I stood up and moved away. "No Liam! You cant just tell me your sorry when you know that 'sorry' isn't going to fix this! I trusted you! I loved you! How could you!" I screamed. "Well, maybe cause Danielle isn't as clingy as you! You are only with me cause Im famous! At least Danielle loves me!" He screamed back. "Fine then! Go back to Danielle! I hate you Liam!" I screamed running upstairs slamming the door. I packed my things when I heard the front door slam. After I finished packing, I went to my car and drove to my best friends house, Becky(Zayn's girlfriend). I knocked on the door. Becky answered the door. we sat on the couch and I explained it all to her. After I told her what happened there was a knock at the door. Becky answered the door, it was Liam. "I'm here to talk to Tess, please!" He cried. I walked to the door and than outside were Liam and I talked. "Please come back to me Tess, I love you. I don't want you to leave me. I'm nothing without you, please!" He cried once again. "Are you going to cheat on me again?" I asked. "No. I talked to Danielle and told her I love you not her and that Id appreciate her not talk to me again." He said. I believed him. "Ok, by the way, I love you too Liam!" I said happily. We went home and we had a beautiful family with two children.

I hope you liked it Tess.

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Jazzy x.

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