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13. Imagine for Maddy

Maddy’ POV

Hi, I’m Maddy, I am a very happy girl who loves everyone around me, like my family, well who I thought was my family. Here it is, this morning my ‘mum’ told me to go grab something from the shed and I kinda wasn’t listening to what she said, so I went up there and was looking for, I don't know. There was a small box on the shelf so me being a curious young teen, grabbed a stool and pulled it down. I looked inside of it, there were newspaper clippings, pictures of a burnt down house and a picture on the side of a women and a man. I read the article. It read; Today, a house was burnt down, a women and a man was both found dead, although their to children, Maddy and Louis where found alive, both children were sent to an orphanage, where the two got split up. Maddy was adopted by a small family of three. And Louis was adopted by a husband and wife, and became Louis Tomlinson. The tragedy was counted as suspicious.’

Oh my god. I was speechless, this couldn’t be true, I’m adopted and had a brother, Louis. Louis Tomlinson is my brother, I can’t believe my so called parents wouldn’t tell me. No, no it can’t be true. I ran back to the house and my ‘mum’ asked where the stuff was, I asked her if I was adopted. She was silent, she nodded her head as tears rolled down her cheek. “Why did no one tell me?” I screamed. “We wanted to wait till you were older, I’m so so sorry Maddy.” She answered me whilst crying. I ran to my room. How could they lie to me. My entire life has been a lie. I heard the muffle sounds of my ‘parents’ talking and crying. My ‘mum’ knocked on the door. “Maddy?” She asked. “Go away.” I said without eye contact. “We have called Louis’ adopted parents and told them you found out and they are telling Louis. They told us they will call us back so we could arrange for you to go meet Louis.” She explained. “Can I meet him?” I asked. “We’ll try to send you to meet him, okay?” I nodded.

2 months later

I still haven’t forgiven my so called parents, I have been talking to them, well only if I have to. I pretty much look myself in my room. I kinda excited today, I get to meet Louis, my brother. He’s all I have to a real family. I’ve talked to him on the phone and texted him, but it’s not the real thing.

We arrived at his house, I knocked on the door and his ‘mum’ answered. “Hello” She said with a warm smile. “Hi.” I said back with a slight smile, she could tell I wasn’t really happy about what’s happened. “LOUIS!” She shouted. “Come on in.” She said. I walked in and as I came in the was a boy about 21 standing in front of me. “Hello.” He said kindly. “Hello.” I replied. “I’m Louis.” He introduced. “I’m Maddy.” I said back. He smiled. “Your my sister.” He said with a big smile. He gave me a hug.  I hugged back, I was happy to know that I have a big brother.

A few months later

I have moved in with Louis in his flat, I met the boys from his band and we became friends. I love Louis a lot. I don’t want to lose him.


Authors note.

Hey guys, I am so so so so sorry for not updating. I’ve been busy with school, now I’m on holidays, I’ll try to update as much as I can. I’m sorry for not doing your request for a while, I will try my best to do it. Thanks for reading guys. Love you!!

Jazzy x.

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