One Direction Imagines/Preferences

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7. How you wake up/ how he wakes up

Whenever you wake up and Harry's still asleep u always cuddle up to him and trace the tattoos on his arms and stomach which he likes. He always wraps u up in his arms than he whispers in ur ear. "Morning babe" than kisses u. "Morning Hazza bear" you reply. When you both fully wake up you go for showers and than carry on with the rest of ur day. 

He usually wakes up before you and when ever he wakes up first he wakes u up. "Y/N, wake up please!" He whines. "No! I'm tired" you say. "Come on babe u have to wake up" he whines again. "Why?" You ask with a sassy attitude, wow Louis has taught you well. "Cause I'm not going to stop annoying u until u get up. So if I were u, I'd get up." He said back. "What if I don't?" You asked cheekily. "I'll do this." Than he got up and started jumping. "ZAYN!!" U screamed laughing. "STOP! Zayn!" U laughed again. "Not until u get up" and with that he kept jumping. "Fine!" U finally gave in. "Yay!" He shouted and ran out the room and left u there laughing at ur silly boyfriend. 

Louis is one of those guys who won't stop at anything to get his own way. Meaning he will keep going until it gets super annoying and u get annoyed and do what he wants or u ignore him. "Y/N wake up please!!" He asked nicely. You didn't want to get up just yet so u laid there pretending to sleep thinking he will leave you alone. You were so wrong. "I know your pretending." He said. Crap. "I don't want to get up boo bear, I want to sleep all day!" You whined to him. "No. You have to get up. I have an interview and your coming whether you like it or not." He said sassily. "Nope!" You said popping the p. "Okay that's how you want it." He said and got up. You were a little worried what he was going to do cause he never gives up. *5mins later* you were drifting off to sleep slowly again suddenly Harry, Louis and Zayn come running in with water guns screaming "WAKE UP Y/N!!" Than sprayed you with the water guns. "Ahhhhh!" You screamed. Than popped out if bed like a ninja. "You all better run!" You shouted trying to act mad.  "Crap! Run lads!" Louis said than you grabbed Harry's water gun without him realising than sprayed him and he ran than Zayn.  And last but not least Louis. You sprayed him too. "Ok ok stop!" He laughed. "I'm awake now ok Louis. And you better not do that again" you said trying to act serious but bust out laughing. "Ok babe!" Louis said laughing too. 

You wake up before Liam almost every morning and you go to the kitchen to start breakfast. But today was different. You woke up Liam was holding your waist and when you tried to get out of bed he pulled you closer. Every time he did it you giggled. "Liam I have to go do breakfast." You said giggling. "No I want you to stay with me baby girl." He said with a tired tone." I can't if you want breakfast so I have to go Liam" you said to him. "Nooo!" He whined. "Yeees" you mocked him. You finally got out I his grip but as you were getting out of bed he pulled you back into bed again and you laughed. "LIAM!" You laughed. "You can go when I get a good morning kiss!" He said like a little boy and than made puppy eyes. Oh lord they were the death of you. "Ok" so you kissed him on the cheek. "Doesn't count Y/N." he said smiling. Than you kissed his soft lips. "Better?" You asked. "Yep!" Than with that he let you go and you went to get breakfast. 

With Niall, you wake up before him to make his breakfast but today was different. You slept in which you regretted. "Y/N why are you still sleeping?" You heard an Irish accent. "I'm tired Ni" you said quietly. "But I'm hungry!!" He whined to you. "Well go get breakfast Niall" you said to him. "But I like when you make breakfast" he whined again. "Well your gonna have to do it yourself today cause I want to sleep" you said tiredly. "Fine than I shall go on a hunger strike until you make me breakfast!" He said. And you cracked up laughing at what he said wishing the other boys were here when he said that. "Ok good luck Niall" you said to him still laughing. "I can so do it Y/N, just watch". You got up and looked at him. *10mins later* "you hungry yet Niall?" You asked giggling. "No" *grrrrr* "your stomach says other wise Ni" you said smiling. "FINE I give up!!" He yelled. "Ok than I will make you breakfast" 
"Yay!!!" He shouted and ran downstairs. You walked down stairs laughing at your funny boyfriend. 

Hope you liked it. Comment what you think. And if you want a imagine just comment. 
Jazzy x. 

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