One Direction Imagines/Preferences

HEY HEY HEY!! You want an imagine or a preference just comment!! :)


2. How you meet


your POV

You was walking to starbucks to get a cup of coffee and on the way there it started to rain. You ran to starbucks which was just around the corner. You walked in and got a cup of coffee. You was watching T.V and noticed i was the only person here. Suddenly the door opened and in came this guy who was about my age. He went to the counter to order. He walked passed me and her stared at me while walking to the table behind me, gosh he was cute. You finished my coffee and looked out the door to see it was pouring down harder than it was before. "Excuse me." A voice said. You turned around to be facing the guy who you saw before. "I'm Louis and I cant help but notice that it seems you have to walk in the pouring rain." he said, wow his strong british accecent was hot. "Umm yeah I dont have a car or anything to get home with, so I'm stuck with walking." "How about I drop you off?" He said. "That would be nice but, I dont know you." "How about we sit down for another drink and find out a bit more about each other." He said smiling. "Sure" I replied. We ended up sitting there all day talking and laughing, we started dating and know Louis and you are engaged, you were so glad it rained that day or you wouldnt have met the love of your life.



Your POV

You and y/bff/n was going to a One Direction concert today and we where so excited. We where all dressed and ready to go. We got VIP passes so we get to meet the boys, you get to meet my favourite Harry Styles, ahhhhh his name is ao dreamy. "Y/N we have to get going or I wont get to meet Zayn oh and you meet Harry, so hurry up and stop day dreaming about Harry we gotta go." Y/BFF/N said.  You went down stairs and to Y/BFF/N's car. When you guys arrived at the concert there were screaming girls everywhere. You went to the door were on VIP people could go, you and Y/BFF/N went in and you saw the boys there laughing and talking. When you saw Harry, you couldnt stop staring y/bff/n nudge you and you stopped staring. "Hi we are One Direction!" They shouted. You and y/bff/n laughed. You all sat down talking. Harry sat next to you. "Hey I'm Harry." He said. You giggled. "I know" You replied. "Well you know me, how about I know you?" He asked. "Y/N." I said. "Cool name, anyway I was wondering if you wanted to get lunch some rime, it's up to you?" He said. OMFG Harry Freaking Styles asked me out. "Sure, sounds great" You ended up becoming girlfriend and boyfriend and than you fell pregnant and had twins. (The names are up to you) A girl and A boy.


I didnt get enough time to do LIam, Niall and Zayn, but I promise I will finish it. Comment what you think and if you want an imagine. BTW I know these sucked, like I said first time doing these, sorry. Thnx. :)

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