One Direction Imagines/Preferences

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4. Harry for Hannah

Hannah's POV

I was at work, I work at Starbucks in London. I was cleaning some tables when I heard the do open. I went to the counter and the customer is a cute guy, I swear I've seen him somewhere, but where? "Hi how can I help you?" I asked. "I don't know what do you think is good? You know what you choose. Thank you." He said. "Ok than, I'll bring it to your table." I said back. 5 minutes later, I finished his order. I took it to his table. "Wait!" He called just as I began to walk away. "Why don't you sit down with me, there's no one else here and it's really clean, you did a good job." "Thanks" I said awkwardly. I sat down. "What's your name?" "Hannah" I replied. "Well my name is Harry. I am in the band One Direction." He said, that's where I knew him from, my friends always talk about them. "So do you like working here?" He asked. "Yeah, I suppose, the money gets me somewhere." I answered. We talked for a long time. "HANNAH!" I heard my boss shout.  "I got to go, nice meeting you Harry. Hope you enjoyed your order." "Thanks Hannah, before you leave, may I have your phone number?" "Sure." I said. I gave Harry my phone number. "Well I gotta go too, anyway, I'll call you later. Bye Hannah." "Bye Harry." He left and I was stuck with my boss who will be lecturing me about sitting down with a customer, but it was worth it.

*Skip rest of work*

When I got home my phone rang, it was a phone number that I didn't know, or have caller ID. "Hello." I answered my phone. "Hi is this Hannah?" "Yes it is, who's this?" "Hey Hannah it's Harry." "Hi Harry." Once again we talked for a long time and it was 9pm when he asked. "Hannah, I was wondering if you wanted to go out?" He asked. "Of course." I replied.

We dated for 2 years and than Harry proposed to me. We also had 2 children. A boy Alex and a girl Darcy. We are  perfect for each other.


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