my long lost bro

my name is tiffany alvord or so i thought my real name is tifanny styles so im adopted and bullied and music is my escape from the world i also write a few songs about my life like never lover boy which im still writing so read to find out more bye



 Tiffany's pov

its 7:00 am an hour till school so i did my ussual morning routine shower brush my teeth get dressed so i grabbed my bag and skateboard and went to school and amber the "popular" girl says "whos clothes is that your brothers" and her "friends" start laughinh so thing as everyday "okay learn some new insults and get back to me K bye" my friends ryan and jo(girl) laugh and high five me

*after school*

i come and go straight to my room and try to finsh my song never lover boy and i do then my parents call me down stairs "tiffany" "coming" i walk down stairs and see a tall boy with curly hair and a boy with a buzz cut and boy with a jet black quiff and a boy with a beiber style hair cut with som hair sticking out then there was a blond boy "umm.... hi" i say akwardly "umm... tiffany your adopted" 'im ADOPTED!!!" "were so sorry for not telling you"



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