my long lost bro

my name is tiffany alvord or so i thought my real name is tifanny styles so im adopted and bullied and music is my escape from the world i also write a few songs about my life like never lover boy which im still writing so read to find out more bye


4. the plane ride

 tiffanys POV

so on the way to the airport the boy asked me questions

"what do you do in your free time" louis asked

" um i write songs' i mumbled

"you what" asked harry

"i write songs" i said louder

"can we hear" liam asked

"later" i replied

"fine" they all groaned

    *skip rest af car ride*

 once we were on the plane everyone was doing there own thing liam was listening to music louis and harry were talking zayn was texting and i dont know what niall was doing i was trying to finish my song i was almost done till i felt someone breath on my neck i turned around and foun saw niall

"hi there" i said

" hey watcha doin" he asked

"writin a song" i replied

" can i hear" he said with a puppy dog face

"us too" the rest of the boys ask 

" you people really want to hear me sing dont you"

"YES" they all say



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