my long lost bro

my name is tiffany alvord or so i thought my real name is tifanny styles so im adopted and bullied and music is my escape from the world i also write a few songs about my life like never lover boy which im still writing so read to find out more bye


7. talking to harry

 Harrys POV

i was watching t.v in my room when niall came in

"hey niall"

"hey harry i need to talk to you"

"sure wats up"

"i wanna ask your sister on a date"

i wanna say yes to niall but i don't want tiffany to get i know niall wont hurt

"alright but dont hurt her or i'll kill you"

"i wont hurt her i promise"

tiffanys pov

i was i my new room unpacking when thers a knock at the door

"come in''


"hey niall"

"so i wanted to ask you somthing"

"sure whats up"

"i was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me"

"a date? um...sure"

"cool see ya friday ok"

omg i can't belive niall asked me out on a date i'm so happy right now i can't wait.


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