my long lost bro

my name is tiffany alvord or so i thought my real name is tifanny styles so im adopted and bullied and music is my escape from the world i also write a few songs about my life like never lover boy which im still writing so read to find out more bye


5. singing to the boys

Tiffanys POV

 i started sing to the boys

"he was my first crush the one i wanted soo much he made my sing and eventually he was my every thing but he had his sight sent on some other girl and i had my hopes high, wishen i cold be his world. But i was just a nother girl to fall for him just another heart broken  he di-dnt care what i felt or said,he wanna se what he could get  I, was just a nother girl to fall for him just another heart broken now i know that, hes just another boy my never ever lover boy" 

nialls pov

oh my god shes amazing i think im in love

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