my long lost bro

my name is tiffany alvord or so i thought my real name is tifanny styles so im adopted and bullied and music is my escape from the world i also write a few songs about my life like never lover boy which im still writing so read to find out more bye


1. about me

 so my name us tiffany alvord so i thought my real name is tiffany styles

i like to play guitar and skate boarding and  MUSIC DUHH 

i dont like girly girls so basicly i hang out with guys oh yeah im a tomboy

im also bullied everyday

i also write music

i wear nothing girly AT ALL i wear alot of boots

i have long wavy hair

greenish blue eyes

im also 5'5 im pretty short

im also 17 18 on april 20th in about 3 days so thats me bye

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