Genevieve Says....

Just writing what comes to mind... sometimes what comes to mind is debatable on my mental state which is completely fine. I'd rather be bizarre than average.


1. Artificial Fusion

It's unfair that music, the one thing that keeps me going, is turning into complete shit. I don't understand how artists are composing absurdity... don't they listen to what they're doing? I'm sorry but LYRICS are just as important as the MELODY. I think it's highly offensive for these artists to release quality that's not good and act as if it's real music. In fact, these people shouldn't be called artists because they're not making art. These people shouldn't be called musicians because they're simply not making music. I can't listen to the radio anymore because it's honestly garbage. I listen to old music which is phenomenal but at the same time, I want something new, fresh and real. I want a good band/individual to just make a song that's good. Amazing lyrics which compliments a beat that gives me the chills for a constant replay. I don't want this to offend anybody who has a favourite artist that's composing music right now. There's definitely a fair set of musicians right now that I'm a fan of, but overall, music nowadays is the biggest disappointment and I KNOW I'm not the only one that's noticed it. 

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