What Changed?

What was so different about me. Why did he decide to talk to me. What changed all the sudden. I thought to myself


9. Unexpected Suprise

"WE'RE HOME!!!!!" I shouted. "FOOD!!!" Dallin yelled. "Hey Dad me and Liz are going to go upstairs until dinner" "Ok." Me and Liz ran up the stairs then I felt my phone vibrate I was so excited I thought it was going to be Kian. 
Hey -Unknown Number
Who is this? ~*!Val!*~ 
Jc -Unknown Number
Jc who? ~*!Val!*~
Caylen who else would it be lol -Unknown Number
Oh Hey! wait.....how did you get my number? ~*!Val!*~
Kian's phone he was to scared to text you so I did on my phone ~JcCaylen~
Ok well I have to go get in the shower tell Kian and Sam to come to the skatepark at 1 a.m.
No and you can come if you want ~*!Val!*~
Ok well I let you go shower talk to you later ~JcCaylen~ 
Bye ~*!Val!*~
I put my phone on my bed and ran to the shower and hopped in. I got out and went to my room to get some clothes and found Liz on my phone. "Liz who are you talking to?" "Someone" She giggled. "Give me the phone or I will tackle you down and get it myself" "No not happening" She said getting up and running "Liz I will get you!!!" "Oh no you won't" She said running outside to the front yard. I ran and tackled her down and sat on her "Fine you win but I also win to" She smirked "Wait how'd you win?" I said looking down and her "Just look up" I looked up to see Kian and Sam.

(Me: http://www.polyvore.com/lazy_days/set?id=76540606 )

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