What Changed?

What was so different about me. Why did he decide to talk to me. What changed all the sudden. I thought to myself


8. Name Games

I walked out of the grocery store with a grocery bag in one hand and an arizona in the other. "Sam is so cute!" Liz giggled. I laughed. "Are you ever gonna tell that Kian guy your name?" Liz looked at me "Maybe" I smiled. I heard footsteps behind me and beside me. It was Jc. "So when are you telling Kian your name? Its like eating him alive not knowing" He laughed "Why are you following me are your trying to persuade me? The first time I met him, he drank half of my arizona, that is not okay" I laughed a little to show him I was kidding. "If you won't tell him, I will." Was the last thing I heard before I was swept off my feet by someone skateboarding. 

"KIAN PUT ME DOWN" I squirmed. "Stop moving or we're gonna fall" He laughed/yelled. I stopped moving so I, well we wouldn't fall. We finally stopped in a park that was near by. "So why'd you bring me here anyways?" "I'm going to find out your name" "Oh no your not!" I smiled then ran and of course he came running after me "You'll never catch me" "You wanna bet". Soon I was knocked to the ground and Kian pinned me down "Ok, ok you win I will tell you my name" I said looking into his brown eye's and he perfect smile. "My names Val" "THANK YOU!" "Now can you get off of me now" "I will put first you have to tell me somethings" "Ok fine" I laughed "Fave color?" "Blue" "Middle name?" "Love, now can you get off me" I laughed "Ok" He smiled. We sat there for a while tell I saw a sliver kia sorento pulled up and all the boys came running as well as Liz. I quickly sat up "Guys I got her name!" Kian smiled proudly "So you finally told him your name Val?" Jc said "Yep" I smiled. I felt my phone vibrating I took it out of my pocket it was my dad "Guys be quiet!" I said answering my phone 
"Heyyy dad" "Where are you girls" "Oh um were just paying at the checkout we went to the mall for a little bit sorry." Kian started to make funny faces at me and I tried my best not to laugh. "Its fine it's just your brother is straving and keeps bugging me" "Haha ok dad we'll be there in a little bit bye!" I got up from sitting on the ground "Liz we gotta go home now" I said looking at Kian his smile soon fell. I ran to hug him "Hey its ok I'll see you soon!" I smiled making him smile. "But before I go can I see your phone?" "Yea" He said handing me his phone. I quickly put my number in it which was totally unlike me I was normally so shy and never guys my number. "Here, Bye guys!" I said hugging them goodbye, but then taking Kian's hands in mine "Hey text me sometime." I smiled then ran to my car which Liz drove here. 

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