What Changed?

What was so different about me. Why did he decide to talk to me. What changed all the sudden. I thought to myself


6. Longboarding Babe

I slipped on my beanie  and started to tiptoe down the stairs. Iphone and earbuds in one hand, longboard in the other. I looked around the corner to make sure my dad and Dylan were asleep. Perfect. They were sound asleep. I put my earbuds in and turned my music to New Boyz then skated to the gas station to get a arizona. I turned on my longboard, going down the street to the skate park. Normally nobody's there this late except for me. That is until tonight. There was a boy that was tall and had a beanie on and from what I could tell he was cute. I started to skate closer. I stopped at the entrance to the park them he turned his head to look at me. I looked away and walked over to my normal spot and sat down and continued to listen to my music and sip my tea. Soon another boy came in through the entrance he waved to the first guy I assumed they must have been friends. Ugh why can't I just skate alone. I took another sip of my tea then looked up to see the two guys walking towards me. "What are you doing here so late" "Waiting for you guys to leaving". They laughed. "I've never seen you here before" One of them said "Well I never skate here during the day" I said. I took a sip of my arizona, before one of them took it from me. Then he handed it back to me. "Oh ya I'm Kian Lawley and this is Sam Pottoroff, What's your name" Kian said. "That's for me to know and you to find out." I said standing up with a smirk on my face, putting my earbuds in and started to skate.

(My outfit http://www.polyvore.com/casual_sexyness/set?id=75124969 )

The next morning I woke up about 10 I popped open my eyes to see Liz sitting right next to me poking me "What the heck! I was sleeping you butt" I said flipping over "Waiting for you to tell me about that boy you meet last night" She giggled "How did you know I met a boy last night?" I said as I sat up "I can tell cause you smell like yummy cologne" "I do?" I sniffed my shirt "Wow! I do well I don't know much about him and his friend but..." "HE HAS A FRIEND DIBS!!!!!!" "Haha fine you can have him" I laughed. "So what's their names?" "Sam Pottoroff is the guy you called dibs on and Kian Lawley is the other one" I blushed while I said his name "Hey Val will you come down here please" I heard my dad yell "Ya dad?" I said running down the stairs. "Can you go to the store and buy frozen chicken wings" "Yeah sure" "Ok here's this buy some arizona's for you and Liz while your there" He smiled "K dad" I smiled. I ran up stairs, took a shower and got dressed then left with Liz

(My outfit http://www.polyvore.com/everyday_shizz/set?id=75095584 Liz's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/everyday_shizz/set?id=75729461)

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