What Changed?

What was so different about me. Why did he decide to talk to me. What changed all the sudden. I thought to myself


7. Chicken Wings

We entered the store and heading to my favorite drink isle. Mostly Arizona and Peace Tea. I grabbed four cans two for me and two for Liz then headed to wherever the wings were. I heard a group of boys laughing and yelling. I laughed, at one of their laughs it sounded so cute and funny. "Jc bring the camera over here!" I heard one of them say. It sounded like a voice I had heard before but I couldn't remember where. "Kian lets go get some arizona's!" I heard one yell and I snapped my head that way. "No...it can't be him." I whispered. Oh my gosh it is.

I put my head down looking at the ground having Liz push and slowing walking over to the wing isle, OH JUST GREAT! There at of end of the isle and I'm on the other, where the wings were. Dang it! Really dad! Did you really need this type of edible food today? But...then again I do love some wings. "Sweet..Spicy..Mild" I said to Liz. I kept looking through them tell something, like a giant ball hit me in the head. I stood up looking that way. I saw one of the boys met last night "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry" He laughed "Hey your the boy with the cute laugh!" I smiled. He laughed. 

"I'm Jc" "Val" I shook his hand. Another guy came up behind him. "Jc what are you doing? OH. It's a girl. I'm Ricky" I smiled "Val" The whole group came running at us, making me step back semi behind Liz "Guys where's the ball?" Kian asked totally oblivious. Thank goodness. "It hit this chick in the head" Ricky turned towards the guys making my face visible. "Its you again!" Kian said suprised. The rest of the group made a 'huh' face making me giggle "We met here last night at 2 am she longboards! But I don't know who her pretty friend is" Sam said. I turned my head to see Liz's face turning red. "This is Liz" I smiled. They waved. "Well good luck getting her name, She won't tell me" Kian told the others. "So I call her the longboaring babe" I laughed. "She told us, with no hesitation" Ricky said gesturing to him and Jc. 

I cracked a smile waving to everyone but Kian, Who was puzzled. 

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