What Changed?

What was so different about me. Why did he decide to talk to me. What changed all the sudden. I thought to myself


3. Chapter 1


I tossed in my bed hoping to fall back asleep until I heard my alarm clock. rolled out of my bed and ran out of my room and to my brothers door "Dallin time to get up it's the last day of school!" I banged on his door. I ran to the bathroom and hopped into the shower. "Val I have to shower to you know!" Dallin yelled. "Ok, ok I'm out" I said opening the door and running to my room. I got dressedhttp://www.polyvore.com/sunset_somewhere/set?id=75047925 I was so excited it was the last day of school then it was summer. I turned of some music while Dylan was finishing getting ready. 

Me and Dylan walked into school and to my locker I found my best friend http://www.polyvore.com/sunset_somewhere/set?id=75053674 Liz standing by my locker "Liz!!!" I yelled running to her. "Val!!!" She said. We both started to clean out our locker which were right next to each other. "Where's Dallin?" She asked. "He's probably talking to his friends or something" I said tossing all my stuff in my bag. "Do you think he'll mind if we go put these bags in his truck?" She asked. "Nope lets go." I said running out to his car. We chucked the bags in the back of the truck and ran back inside "Well lets go sign some yearbooks" I said. We walked back in and I saw Dylan and his friends "Hey Val, hey Liz" Ash said to us. "Would you guys like to sign our yearbooks" I smiled at them. "Sure" They said. 

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