What Changed?

What was so different about me. Why did he decide to talk to me. What changed all the sudden. I thought to myself


10. Beach Talk

I didn't really know what to say I mean Kian, Sam, and the rest of the boys were at my house, I was in sweats and my hair was a mess, and on top of all of that I was sitting on my best friend. "Get off of me loser" Liz pulled me off and the boys laughed "How the heck did you guys find my house?" "I gave them direction while you were taking a shower" "I hate you so much right now" I punched Liz in the shoulder and laughed. "Ok well why did you come here?" I asked "We just wanted to see what you guys were doing tonight" Kian said "Well you could've just texted me and asked instead of coming to my house" I giggled "Pft he just wanted to see you again" Connor said. I looked down at the ground I felt my cheeks turning red. "Well we were just about to have dinner you guys could come and have dinner with us" "Food sounds good right about now" Sam said. "Ok we'll go tell my dad to make more chicken wings and be warned my brother is really protective over me" "Ok" They laughed. Me and Liz ran into the house "Hey dad you need to make more chicken wings we have about 6 more people to feed" "WHAT? did you bring your whole group of friends?" He laughed "No well kinda of" "Ok I make some more good thing you got like three bags" He laughed. Me and Liz ran back outside. "Ok were all good you guys can come in now" They all came into my house "Hey dad this is Connor, Ricky, Sam, Jc, Ricardo, and Kian" "Well I understand why we need to make more food" He laughed "Oh ya that lazy butt on the couch is my brother Dallin" "Hey I'm not a lazy butt! Hey guys" They all greeted him. "Foods ready!!!!" My dad yelled. We all ran to the table and started eating. "So Kian isn't there something you want to tell Val" Sam said "Um so do you and Liz wanna come to the beach with us tomorrow?" Kian said blushing. And of course I was blushing to. "Sure! wait dad is that ok" "Ya as long as you back before 1 a.m." "Ok deal!" I laughed. After we finished eating we all went outside and sat on the grass and started to talk. "So what time do you want us to come get you tomorrow" Sam asked "Um 10 is that cool?" I said "Yeah thats fine!" Kian added in "Hey guys we should probably get going its like almost 10 and we told Kian's mom we'd be back before 10" Ricky said "Ok I guess we should go then" Kian said picking me up. "Oh no not again" I laughed I kinda liked how he was like that with me. Wait did I like him did I actually like him. Well it didn't matter he would never like some like me. "Bye" I said hugging Kian. I didn't want to let go. We hugged the rest of the guys and said our goodbyes "Bye Val, Bye Liz!" They said driving off. I swung the door open and dragged Liz in the house almost running there and ran up to my bedroom "Liz I think like Kian!" "Well yea as if that wasn't obvious" "No I like like him" "Hun I can tell your my best friend" "Yeah I know" I laughed jumping on to my bed "Well maybe he likes you to but I'm not gonna tell you" She smirked "PLEEEEEEEEEASSSSSE TELL ME!!!!" "Val let him tell you, you never know he might just tell you tomorrow" She winked. "Well then I'm not telling you want Sam told me about you!" "Fine then we shall both find out tomorrow won't me" She laughed. "Yes we will" I said pulling her into a hug "I love you best friend!" "I love you to!

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