Against the rules

Kailee Simmons is just starting her first days in 5th grade at Julotin Elementary School. Problem is, she joined 3 days before a new president was elected. The new president was on drugs and ordered if you had green eyes you'd be imprisoned in camps. Kailee was the only child of her family without green eyes. This is the story of many separations of families in a time called the eye holocaust.
Sara Limere is at her 6 year as a student at Julotin Elementary School. She meets Kailee and becomes best friends with her. Sara's sibling and parents have green eyes and 2 of her other siblings don't. Read as Kailee and Sara and her other siblings join together while their families are sent away.
Paige Hyland is the star dancer at ALDC and she knows Sara and Kailee and lets then stay with her family during the rough times. Paige gets the message out and helps kids who lost their parents.
I hope you enjoy!
Xoxo ~Anna


2. Outrageous Idea

Outrageous Idea


Jenna's P.O.V.


Ugh. I heard a new girl was coming today. I hope, just hope she is pretty, average, and not a geek! Maybe we can become besties or something. We just received a new girl already, now another! Well, time to go off to jai.. I mean school. :)


On the bus


I think she rides my bus, I saw Sara talking to her. She looked okay.. She was the opposite of me though. I had green eyes and blonde hair. She had brown eyes and brown hair.

Finally 10 minutes later the bus dropped us off and I walked over to Sara and the new girl. I crossed my fingers then tucked them in my pocket.

"Hey Sara! Who's this?" I said. I saw her whisper something to the new girl. The new girls eyes lit up and she smiled "Hi, I'm Kailee. I'm new." and she shook my hand.

I wonder what Sara said to her. Sara and I talked sometimes but we weren't technically friends. Kailee looked about my age (11) and she seemed nice. I just hoped she had the same thoughts in mind.

Kailee and I had the same homeroom so we went the opposite direction of Sara. Our school had a weird set up. We have something called the block. Their is 3 classrooms in a shape of a block. There is 3 blocks for 5th grade. 2 for 4th, 1 for 3rd, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 1st, 1 for KDG, our school was obviously very populated. The blocks are randomly set up around the school, so if you have a class in a different block, it might be all the way across the school. It is so crowded because we only have 4 elementary schools in our district.


Kailee's P.O.V.


I met this girl named Jenna, Sara whispered in my ear that she was really nice but sometimes can be a little of a drama queen. Overall she was pretty nice. Unfortunately Sara wasn't in the same homeroom or block as me. I was totally confused about the block thing until someone explained it to me. Fortunately for me, Sara got to eat in the same lunch room as me. We have 2 lunch rooms because it is a huge school and her class got separated to our lunchroom. (Her block is in the middle of all 3 blocks)

Jenna and I had most classes together, it was sort of like middle school, except the fact that there was recess, no periods, and not tons of projects.

We all had different schedules, some had to go back and forth to blocks, others were fortunate to stay in the same block or same room. Finally lunch came to an end and we now had recess. I was really into soccer and so was Jenna and Sara. Jenna was really good. She scored 3 goals in 1 day. Sara got 1, and I got 1.

Sadly recess had ended and we went to our separate classes. I was now at the block 3. Sara was at block 2. Jenna was at block 1.

We all had 2 classes together so we enjoyed them while we could.

The day finally came to an end and we all got on our bus and squeezed in together. We had a really good day. I just made 2 best friends on the first day of school. That's a record for me.


Nov 3rd; 2 days before the election day.


I hung out with Jenna and Sara after school at my house and we went to my room. They were surprised at how big my house was compared to theirs. Sara's wasn't that smaller, after all, she lived on the same street as I did. I even noticed that Jenna lived on the street before ours.

They walked to their houses and I lounged in the T.V. room with Sam, Leon, Mom, Dad, and Payton. We wished Emma and Jeremy hadn't walked in the exact moment we were watching.




The election has been cancelled (called by the president of the United States) because the president has been threatened by one of the running presidents. The election winner is President Jeremy Fisher!

Now with us, President Jeremy Fisher!

PJF: Thank you, Hello U.S. I am here to announce, if you have green eyes, you must wait outside your doors. We have a special surprise for you. *Smiles, then walks away*

Reporter: Okay, so you heard it, if you have green eyes go outside your homes right now!


"Mom, Dad. Don't you think its a bad surprise? It might be another holocaust!" Payton said. "Yeah, Okay. I can't let Jeremy and Emma get hurt, Kailee. I have something important for you to do. Hide Emma and Jeremy in the closet. I'm going to run upstairs and grab the birth certificates, you hide it with Emma and Jeremy. They can't know I have 2 other children. There is a secret room underneath the closet corner. Lift the carpet and send them into it. It has heating and food. I'm counting on you." mom said. "But mom!" I started crying. "What about you, dad, Payton, Leon, and Sam?" I said. "Oh, Sam you can stay with the little kids, and Kailee, I count on you to keep going to school. They will get suspicious if you don't go to school. Okay? I love you." She hugged me and ran to get the certificates. Everybody else hugged me back and said goodbye. I, by now, had tears in my eyes.


My mom came back down and they heard a knock on the door. My mom handed Sam the certificates and they went to the closet.

I walked down the stairs with my family and they had to inspect us all. They let me pass and they took my family and threw them into a dark black van.

I watched the car drive away in tears. I slammed the door and went to my moms closet to find no one in there. It was true. There was a secret hiding place. I climbed into the gigantic closet, and brushed through all the clothes until I reached the corner, honestly, they didn't need to hide. You weren't visible from all the way in the back, even in the 3rd row, and there was 7 rows.

I knocked on the carpet and I heard a rustling. All of a sudden a hand came out of the hole. The carpet was removed and I climbed down the ladder through the hole. Bright lights were on and it was a pretty cool place. It took a long time for me to get down because my parents were located on the second floor, and it had to be deeper than the basement. I'm surprised Sam even could hear the knock from all the way down there.

There were several rooms down here. When they built all the way down here. I truly thought it was an outrageous idea.




How was chapter 2?

I thought all the craziness would start in chapter 3, but I guess not. I like this a lot so far.

I've only gotten one comment so far, so yeah.......

Barely anybody has read this. :(

One of my friends said 'it needs more readers. This story is really amazing,' I loved that.

So tell your friends to read this!




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