Against the rules

Kailee Simmons is just starting her first days in 5th grade at Julotin Elementary School. Problem is, she joined 3 days before a new president was elected. The new president was on drugs and ordered if you had green eyes you'd be imprisoned in camps. Kailee was the only child of her family without green eyes. This is the story of many separations of families in a time called the eye holocaust.
Sara Limere is at her 6 year as a student at Julotin Elementary School. She meets Kailee and becomes best friends with her. Sara's sibling and parents have green eyes and 2 of her other siblings don't. Read as Kailee and Sara and her other siblings join together while their families are sent away.
Paige Hyland is the star dancer at ALDC and she knows Sara and Kailee and lets then stay with her family during the rough times. Paige gets the message out and helps kids who lost their parents.
I hope you enjoy!
Xoxo ~Anna


1. Among the Shadows

Among the Shadows


Kailees P.O.V.


                                                                                                                                                                                          2024, November 2nd

Dear diary,

I'm writing to you while I am in the moving truck on my way to Julingtown, PA.

 All the way from Senningville, FL.

I'm nervous on how people will act to me, and I'm even more nervous about where I live.

My parents tell me there is a family with a young daughter about my age waiting to meet us.

I hope, Just hope, she will like me.

Right now, You are the only thing I use.

Other than my iPad 6.




It was 4:30 AM when I arrived in Jullingtown, PA.

It would be a lot colder here than Florida, so I'd have to go on a major shopping spree.

I would just start my first day at Julotin Elementary tomorrow.

This would be hard. I had a whole day to shop and unpack. Then I'm off to what I like to call Prison, School.


By the end of the day, I had 24 outfits!

I chose to wear my red, white, and blue top with some denim capri's, and a gray sweatshirt.

I had finished unpacking my room just as night rushed ahead. 

I walked down the stairs to watch T.V. when I saw a shadow on the wall.

'Hmm, A shadow? From who? Can't be me cause I look nothing like it!' I thought in my head. I kept walking until I heard a door slam behind me. No one was upstairs at the time but me. Unless.. 

"BOO!" my younger brother Jeremy screamed. "UGH, JEREMY! You scared the wits out of me!" I screamed.

"Haha, Sorry?" he asked. "Whatever, Just go to your room" I flicked the lights on and slammed the door behind him. 


Facts behind Jeremy: 

1. He was my younger brother. 

2. He was about 8 years old.

3. He was a dancer.

4. Second youngest in the family.

5. He liked scaring me and my younger sister Emma.

6. He had 5 siblings. Me (11) . Emma (6) . Payton (16) . Leon (14) . Sam (12)


I kept walking downstairs and another shadow appeared.

This time it belonged to my older sister Payton. She just trudged up the stairs, smiled at me, and continued.

I walked and walked and walked, and 2 minutes later I was downstairs at floor 3.

Oh, If I haven't mentioned.

My new house was practically a mansion.

It had 5 floors. I was at the top floor with my sister Emma, we had the play room. 

Sam was with Payton on floor 4, They had a seperate bathroom. They had a computer room.

Jeremy was with Leon on floor 3, each with their own room, a bathroom in each, and an extra guest room and T.V. room.

My parents were on floor 2 sharing a room, and the music room was on that floor. 

The bottom floor had the kitchen, homework, and wash room.


I walked in to Emma and Sam lying down on the couch. 

Emma was half-asleep and Sam was texting on her iPhone 8.

I just pulled out a blanket, then watched my favorite show; Make it or Break it.

Finally, it turned to 9:30 P.M. and I walked upstairs, carrying Emma. Sam did the same, without Emma. 

I placed Emma in her room, then I walked over to mine. 

I fell fast asleep dreaming about tomorrow.

I woke up to Sam saying goodbye to me. Then I woke up Jeremy and Emma. Emma was in 1st grade. Jeremy was in 3rd grade. I was in 5th grade.

Sam was in 6th grade.

Leon was in 9th grade, and Payton was in 10th grade.


Emma tried to break free from me picking her up and placing her down near her dresser. I finally convinced her to get ready 20 minutes before the bus arrived. 

I had already been ready so I was in good shape. Jeremy woke up 20 minutes after me and 20 minutes before Emma did. Finally breakfast was ready and we all ate Eggs and Bacon. We ran out the door, washing our throats down with orange juice and placing the dishes on the table near the front door. Bus 85 arrived 5 minutes later and we walked onto the bus. Another girl and her sibling were at our bus stop, Named Sara (my age) and her sibling was about Emma's age, named Audrey. 

On the bus I sat with Sara, Emma sat with Audrey, and Jeremy sat with a boy he met on the bus.

Sara and I had A LOT in common. I mean A LOT. 

She lived only 2 houses down from me, and she had 3 other siblings. Even though I had 5 other siblings, that was still close. 

1 of her siblings had green eyes, and all of my siblings had green eyes but me.

Sara and I had light brown hair and brown eyes.

She barely knew anyone besides a couple people because it was her first month in Jullingtown. 

Surprisingly, we both wore the same exact outfit.

Right now and there, I knew we were destined to be friends, No matter what happened.




Heyo! How was chapter 1? I had lots of fun writing it, and I'm sorry its short!

This chapter took me about an hour to write!

In chapter 3 something will happen. Be prepared.

Chapter 2 isn't long to come. I will try writing a chapter every weekend-day. 

My name is Anna, BTW. I have 3 siblings like Sara. 1 of my siblings have green eyes.

Comment who your favorite character is so far. Yeah, I know there isn't much about Leon and Payton.. YET!

And their is barely any of Sam. But, you know.









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