Teabag - Larry Stylinson

They had grown up together, like brothers, but now things have changed. Harry is still in school and Louis is off at college having the time of his life. When feelings get mixed up, and signals crossed how will the pair of them keep their relationships afloat?


2. Chapter Twp

Chapter Two

When Harry turned fourteen, he awoke from his bed to find that Louis was staring at him across the room, spread out on his own bed lazily. The boys had been cooped up in the same room since they had moved in, five years ago, and Harry still wasn’t used to having a pair of eyes staring back at him first thing in the morning.


“For someone whose having a birthday, you don’t seem to excited.” Louis spoke softly, motioning up at the clock on the wall behind Harry’s head. It was near to lunch time, or in a more appropriate title, brunch time. It was typical in this household that the two boys were always last to wake up, not on this day however. Louis had been eagerly waiting for Harry to wake up. He was anticipating his best mate to wake up in the early hours ready to partake, in many birthday traditions they pair of them had managed to concoct over the many years they had already been sharing.


Since Louis’ date of birth coincided with Christmas, everyone was usually so caught up with the late Christmas sales that they never had a chance to play out on any birthday scrambles, this was the sheer reason why Louis banked Harry’s birthday so highly. Harry groaned when his eyes met with the time on the clock, he looked back over to Louis with a nervous sigh.


“M’sorry, I was tired.” He said sheepishly, hoping Louis would forgive him for his laziness. To his surprise Louis merely smiled. He walked over to the clock, pulled it back from the wall and swinging the hands back a few hours. He looked at Harry shooting him down a thumbs up, from the position he was standing in. Harry’s head whimpered between his feet as Louis was hanging the time keeper back on its hook.


“Now we can pretend the day has only just started.” He bounced off the bed, penning through Harry’s side of the closet, searching for something mix-matched for him to wear. It was tradition, the birthday boy had to wear whatever the other chose for him, no questions asked. Louis was always more adventurous with his selections, with Harry being the kinder of the two, himself never having the heart to go too crazy.


“Harry, I never understood why you owned a shirt with hearts on it.” Louis laughed as he pulled it from its hanger, flinging it across the room messily until it landed beside Harry’s bed in a messy heap on the floor.


“Leave my clothes alone.” The boy grumbled, burying his face into his pillows from his mild embarrassment. Louis always took way too much delight in his outfit choosing.


Today it was Harry’s 18th birthday, a day that both boys had talked about for years. They’d lay awake at night time, planning the first night they could officially both buy a legal drink at a pub, the night when they were both officially adults, together. Harry had awoken early that morning, his eyes automatically searching for a pair to meet him back, but of course, all he could see was an empty bed across the room. One which hadn’t been slept in for months, it was only 6 AM but already Harry’s phone was flooded with birthday messages, some from mates who had stayed up late cramming together last minute assignments, other messages from friends he hadn’t even talked to in years, ones who he had met back in Cheshire, many years before. He was sure that they only knew it was his birthday thanks to a facebook notification, but somehow this didn’t faze him at all.


“Happy Birthday!” Phoebe and Daisy screaming as Harry opened his door on the way to the bathroom. He groaned at the sudden loudness the five year olds had expressed so early in the morning. He loved his almost-sister’s more than anything, but this was too early to even function, he kneeled down beside them, knowing if he didn’t they would monkey climb up his body in a race to see who could give him a birthday kiss first. As his knees reached the floor, two big sloppy kisses slurped across both cheeks, he laughed awkwardly, patting both of their tiny bottoms as they giggled in return.


“Mummy made you a cake!” Phoebe informed him, Harry nodded, he didn’t know if they meant his mother or their own, they were born into this family without knowing any different arrangement, causing them to get confused every so often, calling both women their mummy’s.


It was actually embarrassing to Harry when they were in public, people thinking his parents were lesbians, when they weren’t. It wasn’t that he was homophobic, no not at all. He just didn’t like the idea of Jay and Anne being a couple. It just didn’t feel right to even joke about, they were like sisters, and he hated it when people assumed they were romantically involved.


“Is it chocolate or vanilla?” He asked them, mimicking their very same excitement. Phoebe looked at her sister as the two of them giggled, Harry didn’t see what was so funny, he thought it was a fair question to ask.


“It’s banana silly!” They giggled, tugging on his curls affectionately. Harry nodded, that actually made more sense, as yes it proved that they were talking about his mother, and not their own. Jay could never stomach banana’s, she hated the things, which surprised him why his mother would make such a cake if her best friend couldn’t enjoy it with the rest of the family.


He was just about to say something, when his mother’s voice interrupted them all. Harry looked up to find his mother had a camera in her hand and had been snapping photos of the three of them. He groaned, immediately standing up in an attempt to pry the camera from her hands, he was wearing one of Louis’ old football shirts, and a pair of old tattered boxers, not something he wanted to remind him of his eighteenth.


The woman hid the camera behind her back as her son towered over her trying to grab it from her. She shook her head. “Harry! No, I am your mum, I live for things like this.” She laughed, backing up against the wall. Harry shook his mess of curls from his eyes, slipping a hand behind her back but she was too quick.


“Mum!” He laughed, knowing that he was stronger than her, but not wanting to have to use any real force on the smaller woman, she shook her head, escaping his embrace, rushing down stairs towards the kitchen just because she knew he wouldn’t go down there without being fully dressed. He hated coming across indecent in front of Jay, or the other girls. The only reason he had left his room dressed this way, was the burning sensation of needing to take a wee, one that he couldn’t ignore. Now he was alone, he rushed straight to the bathroom to relieve his true intention.


When Harry had showered, and figured himself out to be dressed appropriately, he made his way down the old staircase, descending into a room with six pairs of eyes staring back at him. Being the only man who lived in the house, of course the downstairs area was plastered with pink balloons and decorations, he never minded though, he never complained once about anything to anyone in this house, he cared to much about all of them to complain.


“Happy Birthday Harry!” They all cheered, a pink tinge spread across his cheeks as he couldn’t hold back his smile at all. Lottie was the first to come and give him a hug, she was always the best hugger, Harry had always thought so ever since she was young. Next was Fizzy, followed by the two women who had given Harry everything he could ever ask for.


“What are you wearing?” Fizzy asked him, eying his outfit up and down, he looked down himself his black sweater and blue jeans didn’t look bad when he had slipped them on upstairs, what was she talking about? He asked himself as he slipped into the spare seat at the table, a breakfast spread was already sitting on the table, pancakes, waffles and pastries, probably sent over as a gift from his boss at the bakery, he was a top bloke that man.


“What do you mean?” Harry asked her as he reached over to grab a peach flavoured tart. She shook her head, frustrated that he didn’t get what she was trying to say, Harry shrugged it off as he placed the food into his mouth, absorbing himself into the sweet taste as it erupted into his dehydrated mouth. Jay slid a parcel over to Harry across the table, he dropped his pastry back onto his plate as he picked the odd box up to take a look, there was no return address which seemed strange, but it didn’t stop him from tearing it open.


When he saw what was inside he was mixed with a million different feelings, a silken purple shirt, with giant unflattering ruffles sat atop  a pair of orange trousers, Harry looked up from the package and grinned uncontrollably, he remembered, he fucking remembered. Nobody even thought twice about Harry running back to his room to change into the hideous clothes, nobody even laughed when he came back minutes later, wearing the unflattering assortment, and nobody questioned the giant smirk planted on his face for the rest of the meal. This was the best birthday gift anyone could have given him, and they all knew it.


Louis awoke to the sound of his phone ringing, he detangled himself from the two bodies that clung to him in his bed. A pretty brunette girl he had just met the night before who was now snuggled in against the muscular boy who had been on the other side of Louis. He walked down the hall and into his tiny bathroom, clicking answer as he sat himself down on the toilet lid.


“You remembered.” Harry said cheerfully on the other end of the phone, Louis smiled to himself, despite his headache Harry’s voice made him feel better, that was for sure. He ran his fingers through his greasy hair as he tried to ignore the fact that the toilet seat was freezing his bare bum cheeks.


“it’s your birthday cock head, of course I did” He let out an amused laugh, imagining Harry wearing the weird attire. He had a ball picking it out at the store, he had spent weeks rummaging through second hand stores looking for the weirdest items of clothing that he could find, the ladies running the store found it quite amusing the way Louis had jumped up and down excitedly as he handed over his findings proudly awaiting the price check. They hadn’t known that the boy was buying the goods as a joke, they didn’t know it was a mock present for a friend he missed dearly.


“So, did I wake you up?” Harry asked after a long pause, Louis nibbled his lower lip, thinking about the ache in his arse that reminded him, yes he did wake him up, but no Louis didn’t mind one bit. He always had time for Harry or at least he always had time for birthday boy Harry.


“Don’t worry about it, sleep is for the weak Harry” He laughed sending Harry an easing feeling in the pits of his stomach, he had been so worried that Louis’ sleeping patterns had been disturbed, so worried that he thought Louis would be slightly maddened by such an early phone call.


“So, happy birthday kid.” He continued when Harry didn’t answer, he now had his head rested against his hand, in an effort to soften the blow his hangover was giving him, he was so happy to hear Harry’s voice again, so happy that he didn’t want the memory to be ruined by a stupid headache.


“Thanks, Lou.” He said happily as he jumped onto his bed with a loud groan. His legs dangled over the edge as he hummed softly. He hadn’t spoken to Louis in almost a month, so this was a comfort in itself. He stared up at the clock behind his bed, smiling up at the incorrect time, after that birthday years ago they never bothered changing it back, they never bothered because they never thought they had to. It was a reminder of that birthday each and every day.


“So, my present can’t be the only one yeah? What else have you received?” Louis asked excitedly as he searched every cupboard of his messy bathroom, he knew there had to be pain killers hidden behind a shampoo bottle somewhere, he just had no clue where.


Harry was rattling off his other gifts, to be honest Louis wasn’t even listening, his phone firmly pressed between his ear and the tip of his shoulder as he reached up to the highest shelf in search of the pills. If he had been an inch taller, maybe he would have been able to see over the shelf maybe he could have prevented the deodorant can falling with an almighty force, smacking him straight in the middle of his forehead. “Shit!” He screeched, causing Harry to stop mid sentence.


“Lou – you alright?” Harry asked concerned, he had heard the racket, and the string of curse words that had followed his louder outburst, Louis had nearly dropped his phone in the process, but that wasn’t something he was prepared to pay for, he couldn’t afford to buy a new phone, especially since he spent his pay cheque on booze and food, leaving next to nothing spared for petty repairs to accidental phone dropping.


“Yeah, I just dropped a fucking can on my head.” He growled, sitting down on the floor, nursing his head with his spare hand. It hurt, and it definitely did not help his headache at all.


“I can call back later if you’d like, I should probably get ready for school anyway.” Harry sighed, going to school on his birthday wasn’t exactly the way he wanted to plan his 18th, it was a reminder to himself that he was still a child, no matter what his birth certificate told him. Heck, he couldn’t even pass his driver’s test.


“Alright Harry, but I want a report of exactly how your 18th birthday was like alright? Don’t leave any details out, I want to hear all about your birthday poo, and the sloppy kiss the old lady in the school office gave you too. Alright?” Louis could hear Harry’s laughter on the other end of the phone, this warmed his heart greatly, Harry’s laughter was always a good sign, it proved that even when he felt like a truck had run over his head, he could still crack a good birthday joke here and there.


“Yeah, I promise to give you all the sloppy details.” He promised, before saying his final goodbyes, Louis didn’t leave the bathroom for a while, he just sat there thinking about how much things had changed this year, how much he had changed specifically. When he finally decided to head back to his bedroom, he found that the two bodies were still sleeping peacefully. He climbed in between them, tucking his phone under his pillow as he felt a strong pair of arms wrap around his torso. He smiled contently to himself as he let his thoughts drift off until he was snoring softly once again.


Harry walked out onto the footpath in front of his house; he skipped down to his bus stop to be greeted by a girl he had been chatting up for weeks. Her name was Jade, she was one of those girls who was shier than shy, yet somehow once she got to know you she would never shut up. When Harry walked up towards her, he was welcomed with wide arms.


“Happy Birthday Harry!” She cheered into his ear as he felt her small breasts pushed against his chest, he smiled to himself as this girl he was quite keen on, kissed his cheek softly, not sloppily like Bev in the school office did every year. She giggled when she noticed the purple shirt he was wearing.


“You do remember we have a strict uniform code, eh Harry?” She asked with a confused smile. Harry nodded his head, he didn’t know if she found this funny or strange, but he hoped she wasn’t too unimpressed.


“Yeah, my friend Louis sent me this to wear on my birthday, it’s a tradition.” He explained vaguely. He didn’t feel like he needed to go into more detail than that, she nodded with a little giggle, letting go from the hug.


“Does your friend Louis hate you?” She asked, causing Harry to laugh along with her. Maybe he did, or just maybe it was the opposite.


Louis was awoken once again by a hardened cock jabbing into his stomach, he opened his eyes to see Aidan was staring back at him nervously, Louis chuckled as he instinctively ran his hands under the covers, tugging lightly on his friend’s erection, Aidan let out a pleasured whimper as he buried his face in the crook of Louis’ exposed neck, he tugged lightly again until the delivery of pre cum was deposited in the base of his palm. It was then he started pumping him, with only the reward of Aidan’s throaty moans filling his ears as he did so. He would increase the speed every time a whimper escaped his lips, causing the moans to grow loudly, Louis rolled onto his side to get a better angle, turning to face Aidan as he pulled at his manhood. “Tell me what it feels like, does it feel good?” He whispered.


Aidan growled loudly, thrusting his hips against Louis’ hand, “Hell, Lou, so good.” He moaned, biting into Louis’ shoulder. Louis loved it when people moaned his name, it was an absolute turn on for him, he couldn’t help the fact that he was now sporting a semi-hard erection himself.


“I will shag you right here and now, if you promise to scream my name.” He hissed, rubbing his dick against Aidan’s thigh as he continued to pump him aggressively. Aidan whimpered as his response, he wanted Louis, and he wanted him badly. Louis noticed the girl was still asleep on his other side but he didn’t care, he looked back at Aidan and grinned. “Knees up” He hissed, pulling the blanket down to expose them both.


Aidan groaned as he pushed his knees into the air, Louis crawled to the foot of the bed, spreading Aidan’s legs apart by his feet, prepping him apart for an easier access. He moved his head between his legs, sucking lightly on one of his balls as he did so. The moan the other boy let out told Louis that this was something he liked, Louis moved over to copy the action on his other, he loved this part of sex, the teasing, the foreplay. It was his favourite.


Louis slid his finger inside of Aidan, wanting to prep him since they had run out of lube the night before. “You are so tight” He whispered, licking around his fingers harshly. Aidan was going crazy, pushing back against Louis fiercely, craving his contact. Louis didn’t make him wait much longer before he was shagging him mercilessly, Louis loved morning sex, he loved the feel of the early morning jitters as you gave your body power over someone else’s.  Louis Tomlinson, had gone to university to discover that he was in fact a sex addict, or at least a sex addict in the making. Louis didn’t know why he craved having another body next to his, he didn’t know why he loved having someone inside of him, he just knew that pleasure was what he looked forward to every night when he came from a day of lousy classes, he looked forward to the twisted form of a nameless lover. Louis Tomlinson, didn’t know how this was going to affect his life. 

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