Teabag - Larry Stylinson

They had grown up together, like brothers, but now things have changed. Harry is still in school and Louis is off at college having the time of his life. When feelings get mixed up, and signals crossed how will the pair of them keep their relationships afloat?


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

If Harry had one wish, he would wish to take little Jade Thirlwall to the prom, he would shimmy that corsage over her tiny little wrist, and watch as she smiled up at him sweetly. Harry didn’t only have a crush on Jade, he had a huge crush, one that kept him awake at night hoping she was thinking about him too, and he was almost certain that she was.


The pair of them would text from the moment they said goodbye at the bus stop until the minute she laid her head against her pillow at 9:30 every evening. Harry had no idea why this girl drove him so crazy, all he knew was that she did and he had no control over his thoughts. No control over his feelings.


If Louis had still shared his room, he would have teased poor Harry late at night when he had his hands down inside of his boxers, as he moaned her name almost silently out of his lips. He didn’t feel like he was using her in anyway, it wasn’t his fault that she was beautiful, it wasn’t his fault that he found her attractive in that way. All he wanted was to hold her late at night, and kiss every inch of her, he wanted to send her flowers, and take her on dinner dates every Saturday, Harry had it bad alright, and everyone in his family knew it.


“Are you textin’ that bird again?” Fizzy pestered one morning as Harry lazily lounged his body out on one of the kitchen couches. He had his phone glued to his hand like he had every moment he was without her, hoping she would message him first for once. Harry looked at his almost-sister, and frowned.


“She has a name, but no. I am not texting anyone.” He informed her almost rudely. She shrugged, slipping onto the seat between him and some cushions. Harry had never been particularly close to this girl, but they did live together, so maybe he should have been.


“Alright, no need to get ya knickers twisted Harry, I was only asking.” She whined, hooking her legs over top of his. Harry looked down at their bodies and sighed, she was only doing this because her real brother was gone, all of these little girls were only clinging to him because Louis had moved on, and he was the closest thing they had to a brother.

“Sorry Fiz.” He sighed, running a lone hand through his mess of curls, he didn’t mean to snap at her, he was just so confused to the whole Jade situation, he didn’t know how he felt or why he was feeling that way.


“It’s fine, I’m going out to feed the hamsters if anyone asks.” She told him, before walking out into the back yard. Harry watched as she jumped up and down across the cold grass, looking for her welly’s the weather hadn’t been warming up lately like the weatherman predicted.


He wasn’t expecting his phone to start buzzing right there and then, a phone call from the girl he fancied erupting across the screen. He didn’t know whether to answer it and risk her knowing he had been sitting there staring, or whether he should ignore the call, only to call her back later, acting like he had a busy life.


Luckily for Jade, Harry really wanted the pleasure of hearing her voice, so yes he answered upon the third ring, trying to act cool, which oddly didn’t sound cool in the slightest. “Hey Jade.” He answered huskily, he was trying to sound sexy, but earning himself the opposite effect.

“Are you alright Harry?” She asked straight away. Harry didn’t quite catch on to her suggestion at first, but when he did the burning of his embarrassment was clearly displayed across his dimpled cheeks.

“No, I’ve got a little bit of a fever, nothing serious.” He lied, shuffling up the stairs and back into the privacy of his own room. He could hear her voice change as he said that, it was a common change in all women, he had noticed. The need to look after those who were weak, the need to baby them at any given time, that’s the voice he heard in her words.

“Aww poor Harry, you sound like you need some hot soup love.” She cooed. Harry smiled to himself as he climbed back into his bed all warm and cozy. He was imagining Jade looking after him, taking his temperature, and making him hot meals. It was a beautiful vision, one that he knew would never come true.




Louis was walking back to his apartment after a morning filled with pointless classes, a mess of pointless information manifested through his mind as every step bounced. It was sudden, came out of nowhere before he was on the floor, trying to figure out why he had been pushed over and who had been the cause of it.


“Shit Lou, M’sorry.” A familiar voice said frantically, a hand grabbing hold of Louis’ as if dragging him to his feet.


“It’s alright, I’m fine really.” Louis shrugged, standing up with a crooked smile aligning his face. He looked back at Zayn who was embarrassed severely, the blush on his cheeks was more than a present from the cold weather.


“Want pop round to my room?” Louis suggested, wrapping his arm around his friend’s shoulder. Zayn wasn’t one of Louis’ conquests, no their friendship was strictly platonic. It was kind of nice having someone around who Louis didn’t have to worry about impressing on that level, it was nice to have someone to be around who he wasn’t going to end up sleeping with.


“Yeah, for a bit if you don’t mind.” Zayn nodded, following Louis across the road. Louis lived on an off campus apartment literally across the road from the dorm house, it was a bit of a drag sometimes, his friends all assumed that because he had no supervision or curfew that his place was always party central.


“It’ll be good to have some company for once.” Louis chuckled, tucking his cold hands into the deep pockets of his coat. The weather had been chilly lately, despite the fact that winter was nearing its end.


Zayn lifted Louis’ welcome mat up, picking up the key that was hidden beneath the material. Louis was always losing keys, and the hiding place seemed good at the time, when really it was probably the worst idea since everyone on campus knew about it. Louis stepped inside after Zayn, hanging his coat over a chair as they entered his kitchen.


“I never noticed that picture on your fridge before.” Zayn nodded, pointing towards a silly photo of Louis with Harry which hung right beside the take out menus. Louis chuckled, touching his finger over the photograph, and smiling.


“Yeah, he’s sorta me brother.” He explained, although Harry was more than that. He was like a best friend, the sort that you knew would never leave you no matter how awful you became. Harry was one of those friends, the unconditional sort.


“He younger then?” Zayn asked as Louis pushed a hot mug of tea in front of him. Louis nodded as he sat down across the table, his own cup of tea in front of himself.


“Yep, just finishing off school this year.” He said with a small smile, He had intended to stay back another year at home, but his mother had squashed that idea. She said he wasn’t going to bum around her house another year, and so here he was at uni, bumming off there instead.


“Glad it’s him and not me. That was the worst year.” Zayn said with a small shudder, it was hardly noticeable but Louis was always one for detail. He had to agree there though, school just wasn’t for him, and it never would be. He was even beginning to feel like uni wasn’t his thing either.


“Are you going to Eleanor’s party tonight then?” Louis finally asked, raking his fingers through his hair as he spoke. Eleanor was a local girl, who like him, lived off campus. She was a pretty young thing that Louis had hooked up with a few times, but nothing serious. He didn’t fancy her in the slightest, but he always had this feeling that maybe she wanted more.


“Oh right, the party. I think so, are you going?” Zayn asked, his own thoughts drifting in and out from the girl he had been seeing lately, Louis shrugged, knowing Zayn wasn’t exactly focusing on the conversation either.


“That was the plan, although I don’t know if I should, head’s still banging from last night’s ordeal.” He laughed. The night before wasn’t exactly a party, sure there was alcohol and a lot of sex, but it wasn’t a party.


“You end up with that Aidan kid?” Zayn smirked, he had watched the two of them admiring each other from across the room all night, he had been waiting for them to finally make a move on each other, but ended up leaving before he found out.


“Yeah, I did and Eleanor too.” Saying it out loud made him feel embarrassed, everyone knew about Eleanor’s crush on him, and everyone also knew that he didn’t return those feelings and it always made him feel like a bad guy after hooking up with her again despite that realization.


“Didn’t think she was into threesomes” Zayn laughed, trying to picture in his head, although being a straight man he just couldn’t bring himself to it.


“She’s into many things when you pump her with alcohol mate.” Louis chuckled, taking a mouthful of his burning hot drink.



Harry awoke from his nap just in time for dinner. It was Daisy who was tickling the palm of his hand when he opened his eyes, he pulled her onto his bed, allowing her to cuddling into him like Louis used to. Harry had started filling in for Louis in many ways lately, tending to the girls with their problems they didn’t feel comfortable sharing with either Jay or Anne,


“It’s dinner time.” She whispered, burying her head against his neck, Harry kissed the top of her head gently as he sat up, cupping her bum so he was holding onto her as he stood up, intending to carry her downstairs, she wrapped her little legs around his body as best she could as he walked her down the staircase.


“You’re awake.” Jay smiled, as Harry plopped Daisy onto one of the spare seats. He nodded, walking over to her and kissing her cheek sweetly.


“Just felt a bit off.” He shrugged as he took a seat beside his mother.


“You getting sick my love?” She asked, patting his knee under the table. Harry shrugged, helping himself to a plateful of dinner, “I dunno. Just felt a bit funny ya know?” She nodded, leaning over to help Phoebe cut up her dinner.


“Louis called earlier, but you were asleep. I told him to call back later to talk to you.” Jay told him and Harry couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Louis just had to phone when he was asleep didn’t he? It was just his luck, his stupid rotten luck. Sure he could just text Louis, but that wouldn’t be the same.

“Thanks.” He smiled before closing his eyes for the family blessing.


“Thank-you Jesus for giving us booze.” Louis cheered as he entered Eleanor’s house. Niall jumped straight on his back when he noticed the box of beers Louis had carried inside. Louis laughed, almost dropping the carton onto the floor.

“Niall, you will get a drink, calm down babe.” He said sweetly as he felt Niall slip off his body quickly, a few seconds past before he felt the boy’s rough lips against his own, Niall already tasted of alcohol as his tongue slipped past Louis’ lips and wrapped around his own. He kissed back for a bit before pushing Niall off. “I have to put the beers down.” He explained when his friend protested.

Louis walked to the back room, a table of alcohol already stocked in the corner, he added his donation to the stash, turning around to see that Niall had followed him. “You get horny too easily.” He laughed, taking a drink for himself. “At least let me drink a few first?” He asked causing Niall to pout.

It was only when his vision started to blur did Louis finally pounce on Niall, pushing him against a wall and kissing him sloppily, his hands wandering the insides of his shirt as the music pumped around them, Niall was so wasted, he could barely stand up, so Louis had to hold him up, to press him against the wall to make sure he didn’t fall down. He couldn’t help but feel powerful from this arrangement.

“Off, off.” Niall complained, trying to tug Louis’ shirt off, and although they were in a crowded room, Louis shuffled out of his shirt, his sweater following as they both left his body.

Louis let out a whimper as Niall started roughly playing with his nipples, it was something that made Louis weak kneed he couldn’t handle it for long without taking action of his own, his hands slipped down Niall’s pants, ignoring the snide comments from other party goers, begging them to get a room. This wasn’t sex, therefore Louis couldn’t give a damn who watched.

Niall panted as Louis’ hand went further, creeping inside of his boxers, Louis craved his body, he loved the feeling when you touched someone, that feeling you get when you cause someone pleasure, it was almost as good as receiving. Almost, he laughed to himself at his thoughts. He was running out of room, as Niall’s trousers were so tight, that’s when he started tugging them down his thighs. A whimper escaped Niall’s lips as his bare bum hit the wall’s coldness, but Louis didn’t care, the warmth of Niall’s throbbing erection, was all he could concentrate on, as his hands wrapped around it pumping it desperately, craving Niall’s reaction, wanting to hear his moans of appreciation.


“Mm, this is amazing!” Harry moaned as the pie practically melted against his tongue. Jay laughed as she scooped up a layer of ice-cream to top up Harry’s plate. He was her favourite eater, always trying all her experimental recipes, and there had been a lot since Louis moved out. Her baby was gone, and she needed something to fill that piece of her heart, baking had been just one of those things.

“No seriously, can I marry this pie?” He asked with a laugh, Jay shook her head, placing the ice-cream back into the freezer.

“I don’t think the marriage would work out if you eat her on your wedding night.” She giggled, spooning through her own piece. Harry laughed at her joke, his eyes dazzling at the idea, Jay had always loved Harry like he was her own son, he had always been a happy little boy and even now at 18, he hadn’t had a bad day in his life, unlike her son Louis who was always moody after he hit puberty.

“Maybe not” He agreed, finishing up his plate before hastily licking the remains from the bottom of it. Jay laughed, shaking her head at Harry who merely shrugged, washing his plate in the sink before rushing back up the stairs, shouting a million thank-you’s down behind him.

For the entire evening he stared at his phone, willing it to call, to be anyone. Jade, Louis, anyone but nobody called him. He wasted the entire evening on something that never happened and that upset him.

A text message however came through at 2AM, Harry was unluckily still awake, jumping at the buzzing sound as he opened the message.

‘2 drunk 2 call. 2mro tho.’ That’s all it said, he didn’t know if he should be happy that Louis took the time to inform him of why he hadn’t called, or if he should get angry at him for sending it through at 2 am? 

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