Save You Tonight

Ashtyn has always had a hard life. Not a lot of people have been there to help her through it. Her dad is an abusive drunk, and her mom left when she was only a baby. When she finally escapes her terrible life, she meets none other than Harry Styles who tries to help her. Will he be able to help her, or will everything else that she faces break her?


2. Chapter 2

"You're worthless! No one will ever love you! No one will ever care for you! You are nothing!" I heard the voice saying over and over again. I tried running from it but it followed me everywhere I went. I couldn't escape it. Weak, weak, WEAK!

Thats when I woke up in a pool of sweat. I breathed heavily as if I wasn't able to control it. I looked at the clock that was set on the night stand next to me and saw that it was 11:45 am. Wait this wasn't my clock. I looked down at the covers and saw the fluffy white sheets covering me. I pulled them off of me and walked into the bathroom attached to the unfamiliar room. I looked at myself and saw that I was still in the clothes that I had on yesterday. My hair was a big mess and I guess I went to sleep with my makeup on. I looked down at m cheek and saw a big purple bruise on it. Then it hit me. Everything that had happened last night. I had ran away from home last night and then Harry Styles from one direction had me stay with him and his bandmates. 

I splashed some water on my face removing the smeared makeup, and pulled my hair into a high pony tail. I looked at myself making sure that there was no trace of any of the tears that I had shed last night. I hated it when people saw me cry, or tok pity on me. It made me feel weak. Like everything that my dad had told me was true.

I walked out of the room and into the hallway where I heard faint voices chattering. I stepped a little closer and was able to make out the conversation that was going on.

"I couldn't just leave her there. She was all alone and she was asleep on the bench. What was I supposed to do?"I was assuming that that was Harry. "Well you have to make sure that she isn't trouble." That voice sounded deeper. I couldn't tell who it was. 

"So why are we spying on Harry and Paul?" I jumper when I heard a voice from behind me say this. I turned around and saw a boy with tasseled blonde hair and amazing blue eyes standing behind me smiling. I realized that he was Niall. I never really had time to listen to music or read magazines but I always saw one direction on the internet constantly so I knew all of their names by now and what they looked like. 

"Oh um I-" He stopped me. "It's okay. Harry told us about you, I'm Niall by the way." He said with a warm smile. I smiled back. "Hi I'm Ashtyn but cal me Ash." "So do you want some breakfast, Liam made pancakes and beacon." "That sounds amazing." I said. He lead the way into the kitchen and I followed behind him awkwardly when I saw that everyone was in the kitchen. They all had their eyes on me and were dead silent.  

"Oh hey Ash." Harry said getting up from the table he was sitting at. "Uh hi." I said awkwardly. "So let me introduce you to everyone. Thats Liam, Louis, Zayn, I'm assuming you've already met Niall, and then thats our bodyguard Paul." They all smiled and waved. I waved back feeling kind of out of place. 

"So tell us about yourself." Liam said. I looked around the room at each one of them. They all seemed more interested now from the question. What did I want to tell them? There were a lot of things that are really personal that I wouldn't want them to know but then again thats practically my entire life. 

"I-I uh-" "Wait why were you sleeping on that bench last night?" Louis asked. Now everyone seemed even more interested. I guess I hadn't told Harry why I was like I was when he found me. I felt myself starting to panic as I remembered the events that unfolded. 


I sat in my room looking through my camera at some of the pictures I had taken. I actually felt happy looking at my creations. Then I heard the slam of the front door and his heavy footsteps.
"Ashtyn get your ass down here!" he shouted. I winced at his harsh tone but followed his orders. I set my camera down on my bed and quietly walked down the steps to see him stumbling around the kitchen. He knocked over everything in his path and pushed things off of the counter. I took a deep breathe and walked into the kitchen.

"Yes?" He turned around and looked at me. He was drunk again. He just smirked at me. "Well don't just stand there like you can't do anything, clean up this mess!" He shouted in a slurred voice. 

"Okay." I simply replied. He scowled at me. "Don't give my your sass." He hissed. "It wasn't sass." I fought back. Big mistake. He came at my and slapped hard across the cheek knocking me to the ground. I clutched my cheek as I felt the tears starting to well up in my eyes. 

"Are you going to sit here and cry about it? What you can't take it?" He shouted kicking my in my stomach. I felt like I was about to couch up blood from how hard he had kicked me. He did it again, and again, and again, and again. I gasped for air as he continued with the beating. Finally he stopped. I was bruised and ached everywhere. Why me? Why would my own father do this to me? What did I do? 

I heard him chuckle with enjoyment above me. "Get up and go to your room!" He hissed. I slowly found the will power to get up off of the unforgiving  ground and stand on my own two feet. I slowly but surely made it up the stairs to my room where I sat down on my bed. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I felt like the tears had been beaten out of me. I laid back on my bed and turned to my side where on my nightstand was one of the only pictures I had of my mother. She was holding me in her arms and she was smiling genuinely. "Why did you have to go?" I whispered to myself. 

I then knew what I had to do. I had to leave. It's only for the best. I couldn't take another senseless beating. I opened my closet and grabbed a duffle bag and stuffed as many clothes in as I could. I grabbed everything else that I knew was essential and zipped up my bag. I took one last look at that picture of me and my mother on my night stand and shut my door leaving my room for good.

I tip toed down the steps hoping I could leave unnoticed, but failed miserably. "Where do you think your going?" He yelled. "I'm leaving! I can't take you anymore! All you do is beat me and abuse me and why? Because your a coward." I could tell that I had struck a nerve but he didn't show it to well. He came charging after me and I immediately ran towards my escape. Right before he could grab me I slammed the door in his face. I ran down the drive way still being able to hear him yelling after me.

"Where do you think you are going to go? No one's gonna want you! Your worthless."


Everyones eyes were still on me waiting for an answer but I couldn't bring myself to tell them. I felt the tears build up in my eyes and thats when the damn burst.

"I'm sorry." I said running out of the kitchen and back into Harry's room slamming the door. I put my back up against the door and stayed like that letting the tears flow. I heard a knock on the door but didn't answer at first.

"Please Ash open the door." to my surprise instead of it being Harry, it was Niall. "Please just go away." I sniffled. He sighed and soon I heard his footsteps leaving the door. I slid down the door and sat in a ball. My eyes were starting to feel heavy and I began to feel tired. My eyelids soon started dropping and I could feel sleep beginning to take over me, and I didn't object. I soon found myself drifting off to sleep.


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