Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


1. Prologue

        I slowly walked around my little sister’s room, holding back the tears that wanted to fall. My long black dress hung loosely on me as I took a seat on her pink polka dotted bed. It had been three long years ago that we had found out that my thirteen year old sister had cancer. Though it had only been one full week since we lost her to it. The small funereal after party was happening down stairs, but I couldn't be around all of those adults. A party was when we had something to celebrate. My sister's death was defiantly not something we should celebrate. I couldn't help but think, that should have been me. Layla was a harmless soul, and would never even think about hurting a fly. She was so pure of heart; it killed me to think about her not going to be around any longer. She was only thirteen! Why did she deserve this? Why did she have to get her life taken away so early? I shook my head, I took a large breath, gathering my brown hair and putting it into a bun. I let my hands wonder over her desk, suddenly pulling out a small diary. I blinked a couple of times, looking over the beautiful texture of her handwriting.

 Layla's Diary:

       Dear Diary, It's been almost an entire month, and I can feel myself getting weaker. I haven't told anyone because I hate seeing them worry about me. Sometimes, when I wake up to go to the bathroom, I can hear my mum crying herself to sleep. Dad is never home anymore. He's always at the bar drinking. Ava is always here for me though. Before I had gotten cancer, we weren't close but now we are. She's like my best friend. She's always telling me I'm beautiful, even though I have no hair. Sometimes I think she's loopy, but I love her anyway. I know that I won't be around much longer. I can feel it. I just hope everyone will be okay after I leave the world. They don't deserve heartache and misery. On the bright side, I won't be in pain anymore, and I'll be an angel! I'll make sure to look down at them. I won't let anything hurt then, or anyone. I'll protect my sister like she did for me. Layla x

        I wiped my tears. My sister was truly amazing. I looked up at the ceiling, wearing a weak smile. ''Are you looking down on me, Layla?'' I asked softly. Feeling slightly insane, I looked back down at the book, flicking through its pages that seemed to be filled with pictures and writing. I stopped at the last page, seeing that it was her bucket list. I squinted, only seeing three words on the entire page.

 BUCKET LIST: -Meet One Direction.

 I smiled, pushing back my hair. Layla had always loved those five boys. She said that they made her feel beautiful in so many ways. She always had their CD blasting in her room, and had dragged me a couple of times to dance with her. She was a funny thirteen years old, and I loved her dearly. I began to play with the small locket that she had given me the day she passed.

 ''I'm going to meet them for you,'' I mumbled softly. ''From now on, my life will be dedicated to you, Layla. You.”

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