Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


10. Chapter 9

Zayn's P.O.V

 I took a long drag of my cigarette, looking out at the cars that passed.

 I was leaning against the brick wall of the studio, my fists clutched by my side in annoyance and anger. Management was a real pain in my ass, and I honestly wished the lads and I could just drop them. It was us that were famous. We could have anyone we wanted to manage us, but I don't think that's how it all works. They kept saying that I needed to drop the bad boy act. They kept saying that I needed to stop seeing Ava; if anything I needed a serious relationship. If it wasn't going to be Ava, they were going to set me up with someone themselves. I didn't think Ava even liked me anymore. From what Niall had come home and said to me, she hated me. I didn't get why though. Maybe I was being an ass, but I just wanted hers. She didn't even seem like a girl to even care if someone came into her life, and just left. She gave off the 'I-Don't-Give-A-Shit' attitude. Groaning, I looked up at the sky. Blowing out a puff of smoke, I took my phone out of my pocket.

 To: Liam

From: Zayn.

 Going to Ava's, gotta sort some shit out with her.


To: Zayn

From: Liam

 k dont b 2 longg tho.


Laughing at his poorly grammared text message, I squished my cigarette butt under my shoe before I made my way towards the parking lot that was around the corner. I kept my eyes open for the fans, though didn't see any. I was always good at keeping my privacy.


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