Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


7. Chapter 6

 "I miss Savanna!!!" Kayla whined, brushing a piece of hair out of her eyes. "Stop being a baby." I mumbled. "We're seeing her today, remember?" I asked.

 She laughed, rolling eyes at me. "What's up your ass? Didn't get your daily antidote of Zayn?" She teased. I bit back my smile, crossing my arms over my chest. "Shut up." I said. "Oooh. Exited to see him today? Hm?" She asked, poking my ribs. "Would you be quiet? Zayn-" I said getting interrupted. "Yes?" another voice asked, making me turn around to see a handsome boy standing before me. "You said my name?" Zayn smirked, wrapping his arms around my waist.

 I stared up at his face, my eyes trailing over his body for a moment. He wore a pair of wash-out blue jeans, a black top, and a jean jacket. I noticed that he hadn't shaved, making him look rougher and quite attractive. Smiling at him, I hugged him. I felt his hands linger around my waist before he pulled away. "How are you Zayn?" I asked, grinning. "Better now. How are you, beautiful?" He winked. "Fine." I answered simply. He nodded, moving closer so he could wrap his arm around my waist. I smiled slightly, and said nothing. "You know Kayla." I introduced, pointing to my blond headed friend that seemed to drool over Zayn’s appearance. "Uh, yeah. You're the other adrenaline junkie right?" Zayn asked. She nodded, flipping her hair. "Yeah, that's me." She said. I buried my head into Zayn’s chest, a laugh erupting from my chest. I couldn't believe that he just did that. Kayla had a strange obsession with the song What Makes You Beautiful, and honestly thought that he could corrupt the boys into turning gay.

 "So," Zayn began awkwardly after my laughing had died down. "What are we up to today? There are fans everywhere because someone had to announce it to the world." He said with a grin. I rolled my eyes playfully. "Well, at least I didn't have a stupid screen name that gave away who I was." I said. "It was all I could think of!" He defended. "It was stupid." I teased. "You're stupid," he mocked. I laughed, shaking my head at him. I glanced around the mall, spotting a few people stealing glances at us. "Why don't we go get something to eat?" I suggested. "Sounds good," Zayn nodded. I smiled up at him, which led him to smile as well. It didn't occur to me we were staring at each other until Kayla cleared her throat. "Ok, I dint mean to get sassy or anything but I will not tolerant being the third wheel!" She snapped. "Louis is in Top Shop!" Zayn said. "Bye!" She said running off.

 I walked around the mall with Zayn, his fingers casually entwined with mine. There were fans scattered around the place, though the kept their distance. Zayn didn't seem too bothered by them, but I did glance around. It was weird having so many eyes on you. "So, what are we doing?" Zayn asked, drawing my attention towards him. "I was told I was in for reckless shit." he teased. I smiled at him, laughing slightly. "What do you want to do, bro?" I asked. "Bro, really?" he laughed. "Let's play truth or dare." I said. Glancing up at him, I smiled. He grinned back, raising his eyebrows for confirmation. "Sure, why not?" He said.

 "I'll go first. Truth or dare, babe?" He asked. "Truth." I said. "Baby." he coughed, making me hit his chest. "Ow! Okay, okay. Have you had your first kiss?" He asked. "Of course!" I said. He smirked, nodding his head. "I should have guessed that." He said. 'Mhm," I nodded, tugging him into the nearest store. I scanned over the racks of clothes, as Zayn stared down at me, waiting for me to ask a question. "Truth or Dare?" I asked, taking a blue tee-shirt off the rack. I glanced up at Zayn, seeing his smile stretch as I walked towards the change room. "Dare!" he replied smiling. "I dare you...To wait outside the dressing room." Zayn grabbed my arm just as I was going to it. His face was close to mine, and I could feel his hot breath tickling my lips. "What?" he asked. My eyes ran over his face, a smirk playing on my lips. "You heard me," I whispered before I shut the door behind me.

I laughed loudly, swinging Zayn’s hand with mine as we passed a tattoo parlor. I had dared him to go get a tattoo, and he actually wanted to go get it done. I literally had to pull him away from it. "You're insane!" I breathed.

 He grinned at me. "Yeah," he agreed. "But so are you." I smiled at him, feeling his arm wrap around my shoulders. I leaned against his chest, feeling his chest rumble with his laughter. "Alright, what's your final dare? I want to grab a bite to eat." I said. He tapped his chin thoughtful, a playful smile on his lips. "I dare you… to shut your eyes and then kiss the first person you see when you open them." He said. "What if it's a girl?" I questioned. He shrugged, biting down on his lip to hold in his laugh. "I wouldn't mind seeing that." He laughed. "Ew!" I said rolling my eyes. "Okay. Ready?" I asked, shutting my eyes. "Count to five." He instructed. "One...Two...Three...Four...Five," I counted before reopening my eyes.

 I blinked, stepping back slightly when I met a pair of caramel colored eyes. I raised my eyebrow, a light chuckle escaping my lips. He had obviously planned this, and wasn't going to try and hide that fact. "Hey!" He whispered, stepping forward. I grinned, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Hey." I replied before I reached up to kiss his plump lips.

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