Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


6. Chapter 5

 As I began to get involved into the twitcam, Zayn kept tweeting more and more things, which were getting the fans anxious. They knew it was him. He was making it too obvious. Hearing my phone go off, I flipped it open to read the new text message.

 To: AvaClarke_

From: BradfordBadBoi

 Stop ignoring meeeeeee. Answer my tweets xx


To: BradfordBadBoi

From: AvaClarke_

 You're tweeting bhahaha. You make it so obvious.


To: AvaClarke_

From: BradfordBadBoi

 Shut up! ;) answer my last tweet! We should meet up sometime, babeeeee!!!


I ignored his last message, just to annoy him. He was awful clingy. If I didn't answer him in the same minute, he thought I was mad at him. Which I wasn't, I just found it to annoy him. He was cute when he was acting desperate.

 Zayn obviously knew I was ignoring him, so he decided to call me. I picked up on the first ring. "Yellow?" I sang into the phone. "Why are you ignoring me, babe? Answer my tweets!" he demanded. I laughed, shying away from the camera so Kayla could talk to everyone by themselves. "I wasn't ignoring you!" I teased. "I was doing a twitcam. I didn't see your tweets..." I lied. "Liar. I'm Dj Dayne!" he whined. "I know," I laughed. "What do you want, baby cheeks?" I asked. "I want to meet you," he said seriously. "I haven't seen you since the concert." He said. "Aw, you're cute," I said twirling a piece of my hair. "I'm being serious, Ava! Come on, please?" He asked. I bit my lip, glancing at Kayla who was mouthing words at me. I hushed her, waving my hands madly. "Ava...." Zayn mumbled.

 "We'll see, pretty boy." I said. "But-" He said before getting interrupted by me.

 "Bye, baby." I said. I hung up, crawling back into the view of the camera. "I'm back!" I shouted. I read the tweets, as people began asking questions about who that was on the phone. "That person was a friend." I said with a smile. I checked my phone, groaning at the time. "We have to wrap this up, kids. I've got a work tomorrow - yes, I work. I work at some store in the mall." I said.

@DJDAYNE: answer me...

 I bit my lip, looking at Kayla who shrugged into return. Zayn, you better be worth it.

 "And for anyone asking, we'll be Manchester tomorrow. We'll be in the mall, just doing stupid shit! Come watch us, guys. They'll hopefully be a DJ there!" I hinted stupidly.

 @DJDAYNE: see you there ;) x

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